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Currently working on ParaTracker 1.5. I have implemented a DDOS protection measure for users to use (Just for the tracker, it doesn't protect the game server!), although I am far from ready for the public to use it at this time. I need to create a way for users to prove ownership of their servers. I'm going to try this with two methods:

  1. The user can type their RCON password into ParaTracker, and ParaTracker will send a junk RCON command to the server to see if the password is correct.
  2. Alternatively, the user can set a CVAR to a value requested by ParaTracker, and ParaTracker will accept that as proof of ownership. (For those with trust issues, because I absolutely understand)


Anyhow! Until that is done, I'm also working on a much-requested feature as well. Many users requested that ParaTracker have the ability to display a list of the tracked servers. I finally broke down and figured out what I needed to change, and am working on it now. It should be done within a day or two, and then I'll go back to the other stuff. Currently, I still have to change the visuals a lot here, but it's by far the best looking server status list I've seen.

Here's what it looks like right now:


This page is also available from the setup page if you click on the game names at the top.


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