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How I see the "Jedi Academy" campaign to be & how it can be **improved**

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  So, as the majority of you may well know, by now.. 'Jedi Academy', the last game in the 'Jedi Knight' series (unfortunately), was rushed through development. Simply because Raven weren't given the amount of development time for the project. Most likely by LucasArts (I would imagine). Why? I don't know.. But obviously, 'Jedi Academy' has so much missed potential or things that could've been done and/or implemented and simply wasn't, because of said time restrictions. Anyway, I digress.. After seeing 'The Force Awakens' and continuing with what we now know is "Canon" with the STAR WARS universe.. 'The Force Awakens' is set 30-some years after 'Return of the Jedi'. Personally, I see 'Jedi Academy' as being set after 'Return of the Jedi', but before 'The Force Awakens'. Perhaps around the time of when Ben Solo (now known as "Kylo Ren") was training with Luke, as Luke looks to rebuild the "Jedi Order" (NJO = New Jedi Order). Which I will come to momentarily. From the footage we've seen in 'The Force Awakens', we know this is not Yavin IV, as it is in the game. But anyway, this is how I see the improvements to the game's campaign/story, to be;

So, first.. We have the game's Menu system, which isn't a bad design, but could certainly do with a visual improvement. The best Menu overhaul, to date that I've seen is @@Sentra's "SkyLine Menu", found here;


Unfortunately, this is ONLY available for the 'Multiplayer' Menu screen. @@Sentra, if it's possible in any way for you to do a version of this for the 'Single Player' Menu screen, that would be great! Maybe even swap out the image of the Imperial Tie-Fighter Pilot with one of two of the characters from the game's Single Player campaign (unless of course the Tie-Fighter Pilot is embedded into the image, itself). But in any case, a Single Player variant of that screen mod would be a refreshing and welcoming change.

As you'll also notice.. The current (base game) Menu system has no BGM or theme, behind it. Which, right from the off, can sour the initial immersion of the game and make it seem very dull and doesn't really do anything to increase the game's appeal.

Thankfully, this is something that can be modded into the game. Personally, I prefer to go with either one of these, as they fit the game's overall tone and vibe..


This one would probably fit the game, the best.

If you prefer to keep more in line with 'The Force Awakens', then this is quite fitting..


Next, we have the Character and Lightsaber Creation screens.. Now, for the most part, these screens are fine, although the overall look of them could do with somewhat of a visual overhaul or update.
(Current "Character Creation" screen)


However, this is much more of what I think would be a more detailed and in-depth creation screen, with an additional, what is essentially a "Bio" window. But seeing as how this is one character; Jaden Korr (despite the choice of species (i.e Human Male/Female, Rodian Male/Female. etc.); It would only really require one bio, as such and not a plethora of bio's.
Something along the lines of;


(Right side of bio)
Homeworld: Coruscant
Species: Human Male (or whatever species is selected in the "Species" menu option)
Born: 1 ABY

Height: 1.82m

(Left side of bio) (Suggestions?)
Force Sensitive: Yes
Weapons: Lightsaber & Blaster Pistol

(Scrollable written text underneath)
Jaden Korr is a Force-sensitive, born around 1 ABY, who spent his childhood on the galactic capital of Coruscant. While living with his adoptive Uncle Orn, Korr was guided by the Force to construct a working lightsaber in 14 ABY, an achievement that earned him a place at Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on the moon of Yavin 4. On his way there, aboard the shuttle Yavin Runner II, Korr met and befriended a fellow recruit, Rosh Penin. Assigned as an apprentice to Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, Korr spent much of his training fighting a newly emerged dark side cult called the Disciples of Ragnos. Utilizing a Sith artifact called the Scepter of Ragnos, the leader of the cult, Tavion Axmis, used it to siphon Force energy from places with powerful Force auras. She then intended to release the contained power to resurrect an ancient Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos. Korr undertook multiple missions throughout the galaxy, foiling the cult's plans as best as he could. During the mission to the planet Vjun, Korr discovered that Penin had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force and had joined the Disciples. After escaping from Vjun, Korr was promoted by Skywalker to the rank of Jedi Knight, and he continued his fight against the cultists and their Imperial Remnant allies. Eventually, Korr successfully brought Penin back from the Dark Side and defeated Axmis on the Sith world of Korriban, stopping the Disciples of Ragnos.

**Again, if there's a want to bring the game's story forward, keeping in line with 'The Force Awakens', the line "After escaping from Vjun, Korr was promoted by Skywalker to the rank of Jedi Knight, and he continued his fight against the cultists and their Imperial Remnant allies." could be changed to "After escaping from Vjun, Korr was promoted by Skywalker to the rank of Jedi Knight, and he continued his fight against the cultists and their First Order allies."**

I was thinking about the campaign/story, at this point of the game.. And logically & authentically, to give a more realistic feel to the game and add to the immersion.. The choices in the above Menu system (as far as Character Creation goes) should only be a temporary or initial phase of the game (Seeing as how Jaden has just boarded the flight to Yavin IV on the shuttle, where he meets Rosh Penin for the first time, he won't have acquired any Jedi Robes or garments). I would imagine the same goes for Rosh Penin. With Jaden coming from a city planet, like Coruscant.. It's more believable that the sort of attire/garments he would wear/begin the game with is something along the lines of these;

Obviously, these are only 2 choices (excluding varied colour choices for the clothes, like the base game currently offers), but at the beginning of the game, both Jaden and Rosh should be wearing something resembling that from a City environment.

These would be the clothes that are worn by Jaden and Rosh, during the "Arrival/Shuttle Crash on Yavin IV" (the first stage of the game, where Jaden fights 2 Stormtroopers and a Reborn (if I recall correctly), waking-up and being greeted by Luke and Kyle Katarn and the initial Jedi Academy initiation ceremony, up until the first mission.
After the initiation ceremony (once Kyle has spoken with Jaden and Rosh regarding being their teacher), before the first mission begins, the "Character Creation" screen will appear again and you'll then be able to select your Jedi Robes; which would (if possible) be Spanki's "Jedi Customization Plus" found here;


(Rosh Penin would also automatically be given his)
From here on in, all the Jedi in the game would also be wearing their Jedi Robes from this customisation pack.

It would make sense for Kyle Katarn to remain his garments that he wears in the base game (from 'Jedi Outcast').. As he never really fully converted to being a Jedi Master. Or perhaps, to improve on his base game appearance, his garments from the "Dark Forces II" game, that @@GPChannel has done could be used (with his permission) That file can be found here;


Which, personally.. I think is overall, a better look for him. As far as Luke's appearance, I think @@DT85's 'The Force Awakens' Luke is the best fitting one, for this (with his permission to use it, obviously). He's wearing his Jedi Master robes and because he has a sort of Old Ben Kenobi look to his attire, it shows that he's the main Jedi Master of his Academy. Again, that file can be found here;


Or if someone wants to have a go at creating this pretty impressive Luke skin/model, this would work pretty well. As Luke is gradually starting to grow his beard, at this point.. That we know he has and see in 'The Force Awakens'.

(It seems he's wearing a slight variant of Vader's arm (right arm), perhaps to honour his father). And although we know he already has a mechanical right hand.. Surprisingly, this actually works for his character.

Moving on, to maps and missions.. There's a number of levels that could do with Skybox replacements. My Korriban (the final mission in the game) is a good example of this. It really helps with the immersion of the level/map and is more lore appropriate. Also, the music/BGM of a level really helps to deliver more immersion. As we're talking about Korriban and the Sith. Having the Sith theme play throughout that specific mission, really embeds the feeling and authenticity of being in that location. That file is here;


As the Coruscant mission in the game, of capturing the Crimelord Lannik Racto, me, @@Cerez and @@Asgarath83 are working on updating that specific mission to make it much more closer to its lore counter-part (thanks to the incredible ground-work, already in place, by @JCulley3D's Coruscant map) and it's still in development. It can be found here;

Upon reaching the Taspir III level, where Jaden goes in search of Rosh, after he'd been captured by Alora. You're given the choice to pick the Light Side and to save Rosh or the Dark Side and to kill him. If you choose the Dark Side, there's not really enough "feeling" there, to show that Jaden has actually turned to the Dark Side, other than his personality change. A visual change in some way would certainly benefit and work with this change in character. However, as mentioned in another thread by Circa, the visual change (by way of giving Jaden, the "Sith Eyes" look) wouldn't really take affect until around the time of his arrival on Korriban, in the final mission. There's already a thread on the forum about Jaden's "Sith Eyes" after the Taspir III (Dark Side turn) scenario/incident between Jaden and Rosh and Alora. The link to that thread can be found here;


Finally, to close out the thread, I was thinking that there's 2 other subjects that could be looked at, to improve their respective areas of the game. The first one, being Reborns (Sith-like enemies). I don't know about anyone else.. But personally, for being Dark Side enthusiasts, I don't find them at all intimidating and could certainly use some sort of visual update to their models/characters to make them more "menacing". Spanki's Sith Customisation would be a great way to achieve this. The mod found here;


Or failing that.. A new model that replaces the Reborn's or "more advanced" versions of the Reborns to look more like these versions;

And finally, as we're talking about visual updates to the game.. I know over the duration of the past few months @@Rooxon has been going through the weapons in the game and improving them and bringing them upto scratch, as far as HD quality. Although I'm not entirely sure if every weapon in the game is being updated. If it is, then great! And it'll certainly raise the overall quality of the game. Which is the goal, here.

That's my summarization of improvements to be made to the game.. If you can think of anything else, then leave your comments and discuss it, here...
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Holy mother of Kyle, this took a while to read. I'll check out some of the downloads but to answer your question; yes, every weapon is gonna get recreated by me.

You could add DT's Kyle Reskin. I use it myself and I think that it's an improvement in every sense of the word.

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The best Menu overhaul, to date that I've seen is @@Sentra's "SkyLine Menu", found here;


Unfortunately, this is ONLY available for the 'Multiplayer' Menu screen. @@Sentra, if it's possible in any way for you to do a version of this for the 'Single Player' Menu screen, that would be great!

File views: 23964 these are uniqie, not F5'd




Oh well, I never thought it would be that popular :lol:




Back to the topic. First of all, thanks for mentioning the work we made together with @@Zionter, really nice to hear this after 4 years since the initial release.

Second, I tried to resurrect SkyLine project like 3 times, but, sadly, none of these attempts have been successful.



It was the first time I started designing the v2. In a year I got all of finished yet not shown work erased because of HDD failure.

[see the 2013 concept]



Started again from scratch, this time the concept were simpler and prettier, as for me. Minimalism era.

My second attempt failed because I got no time to continue the design and prototyping process. So again I shelved it 'till I got the time and desire to continue.

[see the early 2015 concept]

[see the late 'Hoth' 2015 concept]



Got contacted by @ and was asked about possibility of using of some assets from the concepts I made. I agreed and proposed to continue the creating process of SkyLine by the team he were in (they got designer, coder and a bunch of other guys and I was alone with no coding/menu writing skills).

In SkyLine 2.0 we tried to change the gamecode to get the game's GUI look like the concepts I've made. Didn't work as I wanted and we paused it (kinda hard to adapt it to every external modification). And as you are modifying the game assets for an RP project mod, you can edit basically everything (no compatibility issues), so you have more opportunities to implement the GUI in game, not as a concept. So that I asked you about 2.0 concepts :)


*There were some techy stuff like concept size and so on*

Thank you so much for having faith in me. We both have the same vision, it seems! I too am incredibly frustrated with the game's stubbornness of displaying high quality images - and even then, it insists on stretching them. 

I too share a partnership with C/C++ coder/developer. He's capable of running rings around the entire game's code, and has made mods from scratch. I'm totally confident he'll be able to see this through for us. 

Thank you again, I won't let you down.

Then I haven't heard anything from him until June, when I poked him via PM.




How is it going?

Hey, buddy. 

Our developer has been on-leave for a few months, due to university. He's due to finish in a few weeks. Then we're back on schedule. We've basically started on OpenJK, and we'll soon crack the code in regards to changing the menu's/resolution to adapt to the players resolution. Thus, making SkyLine 2.0's real purpose, its real vision, become a little more realistic. 

I'm excited to get back into working on everything, but my hands are tied until our developer gets to that milestone.


And after this I haven't heard anything from him since Feb 2016.




Why am I telling this coolstory - I have no possibility to implement the concepts I have in JKA because I lack the required coding (.menu, ...) skills and I haven't find the guys that are able to do it.

Had faith in the Elliot's OJRP team, but they just disappeared in June. It's sad.


But still I'm happy to send all source files I've designed to anyone who got the skills and time to finally finish this project. Contact me if you are interested.

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To be honest, currently everyone is working on their own thing... I couldn't say for others. Regarding me, no, sorry. If you think about it, this is a big challenge for anyone. I bet that you'll never convince anyone to do it "for" you or just cuz you came up with it. People don't like to do that very much.

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To be honest, currently everyone is working on their own thing... I couldn't say for others. Regarding me, no, sorry. If you think about it, this is a big challenge for anyone. I bet that you'll never convince anyone to do it "for" you or just cuz you came up with it. People don't like to do that very much.

No, that's fair enough.. I know there's a number of people already working on various other projects, which in their own way will help out, in some way. But the option and idea is always open to them, if they wanna take up any of the challenge..

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Pretty good work so far. Could you make the hair darker? Not a jet black colour, but more of a darker brown.. And maybe a few adjustments to the blue squares on his chest, on the jacket. If you can get one line instead of two and make take the colour of out them a bit, so it's more of a pale blue. If you could make the trousers more of a brown colour, that'd be great. But I do like the detail on the clothes. It's a good start. Keep me updated here..



You could, in fact try and use the default Jaden head, in the game and just make the hair colour more of a darker brown (take the red tone out of his hair) and that would suffice..

(This head)


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@@dark_apprentice Just so you know, why I mentioned about using the default Jaden head on your mod is because of towards the end of the game, when Jaden turn to the Dark Side, the overall effect is to have this happen (as an additional mod)

(Link to mod/forum thread: https://jkhub.org/topic/8336-sith-eyes-on-jaden-in-storycampaign-mode/page-2)

And using a different head would look/be out of place and would be a completely different character.

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Ok, so here is what I managed to do for Version 1 (with the new head from the previews post), you will have 3 face skins: default / dark side / dark side + scar. However everything that I tried to do for Version 2 using the base vanila JKA Jaden Korr head, turns out that it's not that "big" and with too short neck for Han Solo's body. I tried to attach couple of necks on it and even edit the verts of the head itself, but doesn't work the way I would like them to be.

Version 1:




Version 2 (stuck with the neck/head issue):





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Looks pretty good. Shame about the neck and Jaden's default head, though. Surely, there's gotta' be some way to fix that, isn't there?  :huh:

Perhaps there is, but for now it is out of my knowledge and skills to make it clear and smooth instead of a version that is more like "alpha" or early "beta" for the neck. I tried to change the skybox of t1_danger with the Deathstar, not that good first attempt, but still looks inspiring.

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Well this is how the model Ver.2 looks like in game and ModView. If we just don't mind and zoom into his head I think it can be used.














Sith with scar:









@@dark_apprentice Just to let you know, this costume would only be a starting costume. The costume that Jaden would have at the beginning of the game (during the introduction, the shuttle crash and the initiation on Yavin IV. So as far as the Sith eyes thing goes, that is the end of the game. But from what MagSul did, it really gave off a great effect on the default Jaden head. So if you could try to get the default head to blend in any better with the overall costume (that neck point or w/e) and turn the trousers brown, like in the original photo. The model would pretty much be done. As he'd be keeping the same head throughout the game, but his costume would change to Jedi Robes, just before the first mission ("t1_sour" Mercenary Activity).



It may also be worth noting to try and get the other (Human Male) Jaden heads to do the same. 

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