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SkyLine Menu v1.01 (+ SD version)

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About This File

Complete replacement for Jedi Academy Multiplayer Interface! Replaces every multiplayer menu (Solo Game, Join Game, Setup, Controls etc.) to newest.

Please note that it has been developed only for Jedi Academy MP, not SP!


With new style, awesome design, a lot of features, new in-game settings and complete different and modified menus, this modification will bring to you new awesome experience and fun! The main difference is the complete new add-on that will change the main MultiPlayer GUI to newest made by us in space holographic style. Each menu has its own design and background animations like the glow of the sun, flying spaceship, battle scene etc. Other feature is modified setup menu that have new settings like custom resolution, Field of View setting, texture bits setting and more. Also there is complete new font (like from Call of Duty series, some TV series). All the default MP icons have been changed too.


What's inside?

  • Main menu, completely redesigned in the style of 2.5D!
  • New background animations and awesome screen-to-screen transitions!
  • In-game part are changed too. You don't have to see these boring, dull and low-quality icons and menus. Now game looks quite different!
  • New SETUP graphics options.
  • Finally the SD-version specially for low-end PCs! And we have compressed the GUI’s size to only 60 MB instead of 100. This should really help with overall performance.

Sure, the menu has a number of requirements:

  • Mod japlus for better experience (it works on base too, but it was made for JA+, so some features won't be available until you install it).
  • 512 MB+ / 1 GB+ RAM for SD / HD versions. If you have an error where last line says something like "TAG TEMP PNG, error to allocate ** (some megabytes) **, it implies lack of memory.

How to install:

  • Open the 'files' folder;
  • Copy the 'swg.skyline.ui.pk3' and paste it into 'GameData/japlus' folder of your Jedi Academy (or in 'GameData/base' if you don't have japlus mod installed).

Short FAQ:

  • Q: I have installed the menu and after that I still have original JKA menu with HUGE fonts. How should I fix it?
    A: Open the explorer, go to JKA directory (e.g. 'C:/Games/LucasArts/Jedi Academy/'), open 'GameData/base' folder (or 'GameData/japlus' if you have japlus mod and you have installed the menu in this folder), find our menu's pk3 file 'swg.skyline.ui.pk3' and then rename it to 'zzz.swg.skyline.ui.pk3'. That will help.


  • Nozyspy’s review on JK3Files:
    (If there will be something like 'The following error has occured: Invalid File ID!', just press Refresh until it shows the correct page)
  • theRfiles’s review in his newsletter (page 2):
    (This review is based on the ‘base’ version of the game, not the JA+, and because of that there weren’t some ja+’s features like skin preview)


  • TwinBlade (Angel Soul on JKHub) for the force icons.
  • Taeneron and Sebastien Hue for backgrounds (main menu and credits).


What's New in Version v1.01 (+ SD version)


  • Combined all data files into one pk3; new read-me in the archive; fixed minor bugs with some gfx.
  • Added file tags, credits list, changed the file's license and fixed the file's description. No file updates.
  • New SD version of menu specially for low-end PCs.

User Feedback

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The main menu looks great but I didn't really like the ingame menu. Still bestest looking menu in this game so far

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This is absolutely amazing! It may be that I am a graphic freak but I am astonished! Damn I want to be able to do these one day!

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um, this isnt working for me., is it only viable for multiplayer?


yeah nvm the please note thing i skipped over. /facepalm

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