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Jedi Academy styled artwork

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In the Temple of Sacrifice Operation Revan wielded two red bladed lightsabers and two additional ones telekinetically, that being his purple one and Malak's old blue lightsaber respectively.

oh, well the floating sabers' detail is interesting. by the way, was it ever revealed what he meant by saying he finally understood what Malak was trying to tell him, at the end of the first Revan operation in TOR (you know, before disappearing)?

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I have a request for some of your fantastic art!


- 501st clone troopers hunting down wookie warriors

- a large assault on kashyyyk by the empire (with 501st clone troopers vs wookies, like in the dark lord novel)

- an audience before the emperor

- lord vader as the commander of an stardestroyer


Thank you real much!


I'm working on one of them, but i used 501st Stormtroopers rather then Clone Troopers. Hope that's okay.


Edit: Here it is:





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