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Would it not make sense to have a progressive level/xp system for campaign players?  This would allow users to customize the character by unlocking weapons, gear and potentially force powers.  Have a Create-A-Class system ala BO3 SP.  This could offer users to replay levels with upgrades later too.


Create a Class in BO3 SP:




Weapon Selection for a class:




Character Power upgrades customization at hub map:




Player customization / outfit at hub map/start:




As it stands in JKA the selection screens are very poor IMO.  You're locked to selecting something even if you can't for example or don't want to necessarily.


I think a good idea would be:


Primary Weapon 1


Primary Weapon 2


Pistol option (for jka or jk2 pistol) or none if deselected


Melee option (saber, stun, or none selected chooses melee)


Saber attachment like screen would allow you to choose saber type if available too.  This way you can go through a map with whatever saber(s) you have available once unlocked.  Weapon personalization would allow you to select your saber color(s) as well.


Explosive Equipment selection

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I was just starting to think about this earlier today. Each mission (including stuff like Hoth and Vjun) awards XP. Additional objectives (secret areas, enemies killed, perhaps added optional objectives) or specific playstyles (only guns, only force powers, pacifist run, speed run, etc) could award additional XP. After each level up you get a force point that can only be allocated while at the Academy (which could later be a physical location instead of just a static menu). While at the Academy, you can also modify your weapons and purchase new ones using credits. Credits are earned via collecting them from dead enemies or caches hidden in the world. You can also sell weapons picked up from fallen enemies or spare items.


Since redsaurus' version includes my Ghoul 2 view model code, there's good potential for features like weapon attachments and skins.


I think having multiple different sabers could be cool too. @ suggested having a starter saber with an unstable beam at the beginning of the game, but once you reach the Academy, you're given a better, nicer one without the unstable blade. Also note that I've recently found the code for different saber types like saber trident, etc, and this could be another route for customization.


I also suggested adding semi customizable Droids to aid the player.


Overall, I think RPG-lite features like these are a really good direction to go. I was personally a bit disappointed that you couldn't even explore the Academy like you could in JK2.

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This shows the customization here in a hub room.  https://youtu.be/RdnPzavdyoc?t=3758  When you select a mission you're given the option to set the loadout you want to use of the 5 same as cod MP basically and then your upgrade since that's available.


I'm also wondering at what point do we consider making the SP engine use MP as a listen server only which could enable coop play?  In OpenJK then brought here.


Black Ops 3 has accolades for every map which award bonus XP.  Some are specific to all others are variants or time with variation based on how long it takes on a specific map or difficulty or performing something, finding secrets, and others.  Difficulty also scales XP for kills.

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