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Ontimer Converter for Makermodule

Mr. Dinnertime

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This is something I made a few years ago to quickly create scripts without having to fuss about lag or adding ontimers properly.

Extract the contents of the zip file below into either your base folder or your makermod folder (or another if you use scripts for another mod and use makermodule for it.)

1) Automatic Delay
When you run the batch file, it'll ask you for a number. This should be an integer not a string (in short, it should be made up of numbers ranging from 0 to 9 not made up of a-z or anything else.)
Entering an automatic delay of 20 would convert the following script:

mplace factory/catw2_b;
mplace factory/catw2_b;
mmove 12 0 0

into the following:

ontimer 0 "mmarkfoot";
ontimer 20 "mplace factory/catw2_b";
ontimer 40 "mplace factory/catw2_b";
ontimer 60 "mmove 12 0 0"

This number will represent how many milliseconds (not centiseconds aka 100ths of a second) you want to wait between each command. It accepts 0 as a number in case you wait to rely on your own timings with waits.

2) Per-Command Delays
As well as the per-command delays, you can also use wait commands in the script itself. The ontimer will take this into consideration when it's working out the time to execute the next command.
If you specified 30 to be your automatic delay, the following script would convert from:

mplacefx env/fire 250;
wait 100;
mmove 100

to the following:

ontimer 0 "mmarkfoot";
ontimer 30 "mplacefx env/fire 250";
ontimer 130 "mmove 100"

3) Subtractive Waits
Subtractive waits are also compatible with the ontimer. Rather than getting you infinitely stuck like you normally would with a negative wait, it will take away the specified amount from the next automatic delay.
As an example, if you have an automatic delay of 20ms and you use the following in a script:

wait -2;
mplace factory/catw2_b

The converter will output:

ontimer 0 "mmarkfoot";
ontimer 0 "mplace factory/catw2_b"

4) Usage
Before you run the batch file, you'll need to put any files which need converting into the "src" folder.
Once they are all set to go, simply run the batch file and proceed to read step 1 to 3 if you're not sure of how the converting process works.
The converted script will be spit out into the provided "bin" folder (you'll be prompted to create one if you forgot to extract it.)
Once you're happy with the script and don't want to make any more changes to it, or want to pause the script development and want to use a different timing for a different script, move it out of the "bin" folder.
I've provided a folder called "archive" if you can't think of a name for a folder to put them in.
Don't forget to include the folder names if you're going to execute the scripts directly from them.

5) Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikohg5w12ue1m69/Ontimer%20Converter.zip?dl=0

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