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Star Wars Episode VIII Discussion

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Well, Luke has tremedous weight on his shoulders, being the hero of the rebellion against the empire, killing vader and & emperor (from the citizens pov) and he knows who his father was and what he did in the past and how he struck fear into the galaxy by the emperors side, now his nephew is on the same destructive path and Luke is expected to save the day in one way or the other, it would make the saga even more dramatic if they'd kill off Luke... but when he does die (thinking about the character) i'd imagine it being important to him to pass on the Jedi teachings to someone, almost obviousl to Rey. Lucas' story is about the balance in the force, so by the end credits of episode 9 the balance must be restored.

Lucas sold his rights to Disney. It's Disney's story... and who can say what they do. In EP.7 I was hoping Max Von Sydow would pull out two pieces of a lightsaber (a.k.a. Kanan), twist them together, and duel Kylo Ren. But his character was just over-hyped fodder.
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I also wanted more from Lor San Tekka, so too bad we won't see him in Episode VIII (but Max Von Sydow joined the Game of Thrones cast for the next season).


I hope, some more actors would participate in the next Star Wars. Definitely there must be someone else, who also remembers the massacre at the Jedi Academy, even if they aren't the Jedi.


And hey, where's Lando???? Billy Dee Williams hasn't been confirmed just yet. Though he does participate in other Star Wars projects.

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wtf how does that change what I wrote? lol, they didnt un-cannon episodes 1-6


You said... "Lucas' story is about the balance in the force, so by the end credits of episode 9 the balance must be restored."  I simply pointed out that it ain't Lucas' story anymore-- Disney can and will do whatever they want.

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw  is another new face that's been confirmed to have a role in the next episode. Odd coincidence that she also had a role in the J.J. Abrams series Undercovers. I'd like to write a full story about her in this reply but I have no idea who she is, or who Lamin Tamba is. As TFA already confirmed, Disney is most interested in the young talented slash lesser known actors so it's really hard to know if these two will have as minor roles as one could think. Lamin Tamba for example is actually known for his minor roles but he never was a leading actor.


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It seems the Dubrovnik set is being redecorated for another scene. It seems war is coming to this new location in Star Wars.






Rey and Luke are not taking part in these scenes




It seems this will be a night scene.


A chase on the speeders, we've seen, through the streets of a settlement at night. Rey IS in there, though Daisy Ridley isn't participating, just her double.



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Now this is interesting: we have new characters and more spotted in Dubrovnik. These are very new guys, but remind of something. No main cast.





I managed to "read" it - CBPD. Perhaps PD is for the Police Department, while CB – the short for some location.

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I guess it's intentional to show Rebel designs in other forces around the Galaxy, like in the case of Naboo, Alderaan (Clone Wars series), as well as Republic and Telosian troopers.


And there are new revelations about this city!

It seems it is now taking shape!




Below are the pictures of the local citizens. I would say some look bizarre and extravagant (remind me of carnival in Vanice), while others wear black elegant costumes as if they were aristocrats or something.




A horse? (like the one seen in The Clone Wars series)






From the reports some action takes place in the night city, while someone is chased by a speeder. Also someone used Force Powers to push away the guards.


It is also known, that Warwick Davis is on the set in Dubrovnik!


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Why Coruscant? There are definitely other planets, which can serve the purpose. The architecture itself doesn't look like Coruscant at all, moreover it uses bricks and stones instead of metal. And the planet reminds more of a mix between aesthetics and technology, rather than Art Deco of the former Galactic capital.


Besides, if it were Coruscant, why would they need to create all this setting in Croatia? The location of Dubrovnik is notable for many historical sites, peculiar architecture and city layout, already used in Game of Thrones. My guess, that they want to use all the benefits of this place (old buildings, city walls, fountain, nature, mountains at the distance) to the maximum to create something new.


I thought that the planet can be a neutral world, where the characters could be hiding. It's not part of the Republic, nor of the First Order. Perhaps after the Starkiller incident many planets thought of staying away from the Republic, expecting to be untouched while the conflict is going on. I am positive, that the destruction of Hosnian Prime ignited a huge conflict, which is far greater than what we saw in TFA. Superweapons are not available here, but rather it is a matter of the size of the army and fleet now.



I find it remarkable, that the above posted spoiler design lives in one Galaxy together with this (shot from Episode V, don't worry):







And all other planets kept in mind. ;)

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Oh, that is possible. But they can also be from Corulag or other Core Worlds. :) They tend to return these locations into canon.


Another portion. I have found my new favorite alien in this one (as you might know I like Duros, Bith and Neimodians):








The speeder is better seen now!




And that strange creature.




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