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Even though it's basically the same song they sound really different. I used to like Cash's better but now I kind of like them both the same. The original song is extremely hopeless and depressing and when I'm really down I listen to it and can identify with it. The lyrics are the same, but the way Cash plays it is a little more uplifting.


I think it's because Cash is old, and he knows his life and career is pretty much past its prime. He's just kind of accepted that and the song is just his expression of acceptance of the fact that he's near death. It's sad but not really purely hopeless or nihilistic.


NIN's is so much more depressing because it's a relatively young man singing the lyrics. He has plenty of years ahead of him and he's already determined that everyone hates him and he will fail everyone. Also, the vocalization is more intense since he goes from whispering to almost yelling. Cash's pretty much stays in the same range throughout the whole song.


I think it's kind of cool how a cover can change a song so much. Even the meaning of the song can change depending on who sings it. 

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Got a good story to go with this one. July 97' I buy the Misfits "American Pyscho" after having gotten a few of the Danzig-era albums. Had this play in the car front to back countless times. Now, this song appears as a hidden track and starts playing like 5 minutes after the final song ends. So, when the album would cut out and no sound I figured it was a goof, especially going that long, so i'd start it over.


So, one day I'm out with a friend and we're talking not noticing the silence and all of a sudden the stereo kicked in to this song I never heard of and scared the crao outa me while driving.  I had this album about 4 - 5 weeks and never knew the song existed all that time.

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What about Crazy Train?


Its an alright song. Personally, he's got way better songs than that. Overall, I think No More Tears (minus Zombie Stomp..  yuck) was probably his strongest album overall. A tad overproduced but still strong. Diary of a Madman and Bark at the Moon are 2nd and 3rd. The rest are about the same... most good  some meh.. 1995-current the albums really aren't worth it. Scream and Black Rain are not good at all. Ozzmosis has a few good ones. Down to Earth has maybe 1 or 2 good songs on it. 

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