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Blackout sets new a-mountain record time on ups server (youtube)

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You have a fast cap flag fun on youtube of it that looks like it loads in ups server, which is the same server the run I posted was done on. ups has g_forceregentime 0.


At the time Blackout did his run, the forceregen time was 0 yes.  ent's talking about doing it with forceregen of 200. 


Don't worry about it though Acrobat, more is to come in time >: D

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Orly? On base?

You have a fast cap flag fun on youtube of it that looks like it loads in ups server, which is the same server the run I posted was done on. ups has g_forceregentime 0.


Done on the local base server. Not any ups.

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So sorry you think it's pathetic. People have fun with it, and competition is competition. Just because it's similar to another game that has a bigger competition base doesn't mean people can't do it in JKA too. Otherwise, you could say the same thing for any gametype, really. CTF was in games before JKA, does that make JKA's CTF community pathetic too?


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I don't really see the problem here. No one (in this thread) claimed that Defrag in Jedi Academy is better than anything else. Obviously we had our problems with some of the ups guys but all these guys are doing is playing custom maps on a mod server. There are many mods and many maps in this game, no reason to get angry about.

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So IMO the main problem with all the other defrag games is that you can only do 1 course per map*.  Which means the course you do is decided by the server, not yourself.  So in order to even try a bunch of courses you need to invest a huge amount of time waiting for the server to change to new maps or play on an empty server and wait for your votes to pass.  (I think its possible to have multiple courses per map on projectRIK and possibly reflex, though I havn't seen it done at a level even close to how it is in JKA).  Also, other games are setup where the only thing you can do in the server is race, instead of being able to toggle out of racemode and duel someone for a few minutes as a change of pace.  Basically this just means its even more of a time investment on other games if you want to do combat.

Quake3 defrag - Upmove physics bug, velocitysnapping, only 2 physics styles, limited features.
Reflex - Leaderboards(?), only 1 physics style, limited features, UI speedometer+strafehelper is delayed by ping, still has a long way to go.
Warsow - Only a few physics styles, and it was more dead than JKA defrag as of a few months ago (not sure on either now).  This is my favorite one on the list, but like I said its dead.
ProjectRIK - Has a sorta weird setup for physics sets, where the leaderboards are split up based on what strafe-style you use (halfbeat/fullbeat/etc).  Probably has the most potential out of any of these, given that it stays somewhat active.
Xonotic - I don't know much about this, does it even have online leaderboards?
Enemy Territory - Only 1 physics set(?), probably less suited for defrag than any other game listed including JKA, but they still made it work sorta.  Don't know of any online leaderboards.
Quake live - Bad maps, poor leaderboards, limited features.  Most of the maps take like 6 seconds to complete.

@Map originality
Even warsows maps are ports of Q3's maps.  I know a lot of questions have been asked about porting q3 maps to rik/reflex but I'm not sure if its even possible yet.  And from what I've seen, the majority of the reflex/RIK(?) maps are more "challenge" maps as opposed to pure speed maps.
@That JKA Trickjump video
The best part of that video is 3:44 IMO, done by Evasion aka BK aka #8 on the ups leaderboard.  Even the part linked was done by BK/energy.
Not to mention there have been people from other defrag communities (wsw and q3 atleast) who have played here. (Pinkname, hunnybunny, tuhmapoika, etc).  They did well but not the best by any metric.
@"Gaining speed with force jump"
I don't know what this means, its been mentioned a few times but I think everyone knows forcejump (instead of bhop) doesn't directly affect your horiz speed?


Ofc im not saying any one defrag game is the absolute best, just answering some of the questions in this thread.  Also I don't even know why defrag was brought up since A-mountain is not at all a typical "defrag" map, its more like a challenge/torture map that I mentioned before.  Btw base settings = forcepowers + weapons too.  Back on topic, the link pivot mentioned:

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