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Christopher Lee has passed away

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The Lord of the Rings legend, who also appeared in Stars Wars, passed away at 8.30am on Sunday at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

He was said to have been treated at the hospital for respiratory problems and heart failure in the last 3 weeks.  Sir Christopher Lee died aged 93.

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I remember his very different roles.

Count Dooku is just one of them, but there are also count Drakula and Mr.Scaramanga from 007 movie "A man with a golden gun". One of my favourites. And yes, the Fu Manchu Castle, if anyone knows this film. :)


Seeing him as Count Dooku was also a very pleasant experience within Star Wars. In my opinion the character actually surpasses many Jedi and Sith. Dooku is reprised by many other actors as well, including the cases in the series and the video games, but it was Christopher Lee, who managed to develop the old count personality as we know it.


By the way, did you know that Christopher Lee had a role of evil Kato in the Soviet-Sweedish-Norwegian film "Mio in the Land of Faraway"? Christian Bale is also in that film for children.

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