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Mission: Ilum Temple


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So I am finally learning how to map, so I figure that I might as well make a SP mission for this project while I learn. This is my first map, bear with me here.


Basically this mission will have something to do with the cultists at an old Sith temple on the planet Ilum, where lightsaber crystals are found during the films. The Jedi had a temple for Padawans to take a trial to get their crystals, I figure the Sith had a temple too, and I'm sure it had a great deal of dark side power to draw Tavion to it. This map will take place in the Sith temple, but it's more of an underground cave temple, inspired by Skyrim and KotOR. Lots of red crystals scattered throughout. Perhaps the source of the power is a giant crystal?


You'll start out the mission outside a cave, in which you enter the cave (probably an ice cave, a la Skyrim) and make your way into the temple's entry. There will be the first room, with a "cleansing" trough (could be used for ancient rituals or to cleanse the crystals), and some boulders. No obvious door is visible, but an observant player will notice the wall looks odd, and can be pushed with the Force. Through that door opens another small room with crystals, a statue, and a door: the entry to the temple itself. First room of the temple will be a very large corridor with statues lined down the walls.


And that's as far as I've gotten so far with the map. Here are some screenshots to show my progress (sorry for the darkness, its not that dark in-game):








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Looking great so far! :D


Squared off to a point but I'd have rocks, some dirt & cracks around. Unless they got some industrial space vacuum cleaner and went through the entire place lol. :P


Here's my thoughts:


- Make a few different rocks in Blender (or whatever 3d package you use), and scale + rotate them for variation.

- Add some crack decals to help make things look a bit more natural.

- Make a dirt effect that drops from the ceiling complete with a "pouring sand" sound using effectsED. You might even be able to make the screen shake which would be sweet but i'd save that for a trigger and not a frequent thing.

- Use the light element in effectsED to add decent lighting to the fire EFX. It's dynamic light (like the saber blade) and will not contribute to level's lightmap. Have a look at the blaster rifle's muzzle EFX for ideas on how the light element works.

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