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Knight of the Force Total Conversion

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I played KotF quite a bit a few years ago. I loved the sandbox feature and all of the maps and the NPC spawn system. Nowadays I can do the exact same thing in base JA, with a few added maps, models and the NPC spawn mod. And best of all is, KotF was very hard to edit and Tim would not allow players to be able to meddle with the mod's code. Base JA is a lot easier and almost everything can be edited to fit your taste. KotF is obsolete nowadays. Given its negative history with lack of credits and attempting to sell the mod, it's best to just ignore it now.


@@DrXann If I remember correctly, KotF did not have a mod folder, but was planted directly into JA's base folder, so you couldn't switch back that easily.

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KotF installs itself on a folder separate from your normal JKA folder.


Like The_CrY said, it doesn't do anything that the base game doesn't do with cheats enabled. I can understand that people who'd never played with cheats enabled could find it fun, but at the same time, cheat servers were around when I started playing in 2003. Heck, godmod (now known as Makermod) was already around back then. On the other hand, this mod is all about wanking over the film series and Movie Battles may not have been a thing at the time.

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Try Movie Duels 2. It's much better than KOTF. I can still remember that one guy was planning to make Movie Duels: Original Trilogy. However, I have never seen its progress nor could I find that mod after its demo release. But that demo, EP4 Obi-wan VS Vader was pretty cool. Such a pity that it "disappeared". Anybody who knows what happened to it? I'm still looking forwards to another single-player mod based on Original Trilogy.

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I remember when he used one of the object models for a cannister did I did a reskin of back in 2010 or something and I told him to take it down and I got a permaban from his website, ipblocked and a big FU letter back from him.


Nice guy tim was shame his mod got pulled from every major website including moddb.com because he failed to abide by the rules.

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I used to use kotf quite a bit before I knew about what a scumbag he was, but I recommend you get the things that were in kotf legitimately. It had some useful features that have now been made by therfiles. 


Npc spawner: NpcSP

Camera adjuster: CamSP

Better Character Chooser: Character Chooser


The skins and models, as well as maps, can be found scattered around this site and filefront.


Here's a nice hilt pack: SW Hilt Pack


I don't know of any mod packs for the models/skins and maps, except maybe you could use the ones from Movie Battles...?

The missions in kotf were kinda dumb, you could just open the map and spawn in npcs to recreate battles and forget the cutscenes.

If you just want a total conversion mod, there's a lot of great ones: Dark Pastime, JA+, Movie Battles, JK: Enhanced, and more (probably forgetting a lot).


I just think it's best if we stopped using kotf and let his infamy die off, especially when you could be using much better mods that were made legit by the community.

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No regular community folks care for kotf, especially those who've been around at least towards the early part of JO/JA or at least the mid point of JAs life span.  Simply because this mod really didn't bring anything great/new to the table despite at the time promising alterations to the source code (which was pure bs).  Movie hype is more or less died down from the prequels to the original trilogy.  Recreating things we already knew that happened in the movies to play them out is kinda meh, you already know what happens so why play it out yourself instead of watching it the movies over again?


The mod is a black stain as a whole on the community and was more so for the creator to get some e-peen points.  Just represents the worst thing any modding community can turn out, less for a hobby/fun and more for profit and a name.  No one will ever take such a creation seriously due to what was done to produce a frankenstein piece of work like that.  Frankenstein work bugs people when it's more so lazy or just pure offensive.  It doesn't really bug people when enough time, energy, and work is put into it along with being on good standing as a whole with the rest of the group.  Rest of the group being the people who regularly mod files in JK.  From a player standpoint it can be great if you want to re-experience the movies in a gameplay aspect, but again, why do that if all you have to do is watch the movies and or you already know how it all plays out?


Creator suckered a meager sum of cash overall from the project for a new computer (far as I know) and if anyone is trying to milk this black stain at this point/promote it for the creator, it's purely trying to get blood from a stone.  If you wanna play it, go nuts.  But no one outside of the very small group interested in it is really going to want to talk about it, anyone who knows of the mod in general, it's just shameful and the creator got hype off this.  If he's even still commiting to the project at this point I would just say, I feel sorry for him, might be the only thing people really pat him on the back for.  But any kind of digging via simple search engine will show you that he doesn't even deserve a simple pat on the back, just pity for trying to have some sorta name for himself via this project. 


With that stained history already tied to it, would you really want your name tied to that sorta thing?  :mellow:

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