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Scooper plz


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Now, I know this is going to get shot down but I have to get the idea off of my chest.


Makermod's building functionality would be amazing with many of Lugormod U#'s building features implemented. The raw functionality that would be enabled while maintaining the ease-of-use makermod supplies would be wonderful. I can see implementing mini-campaigns as multiplayer servers based off of the functionality this would provide. 


Of course this post is an oversimplification - integrating LMD would require a ton of work and features that allow mini-campaign building would take time - improvements to combat, some form of dialogue system, and some sort of server-side scripting (Javascript anyone?) for ease-of-building. I believe the JKA community lacks the human resources to make all this happen along with all the other projects that exist.


I'm dreaming about this primarily because it could help breath some life back into JKA, maybe bring back some of those who have moved on and make it more interesting to new players. 


Scooper plz

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I'm not extremely familiar with what lugormod offers in features. It has a RP system that makermod doesn't have, and the building commands are lower level and a bit more powerful than what makermod allows. Since we'll ignore the mset command that was never released which pretty much does what lugormod does with its place command(or did. not sure if it's changed)


You'd have to explain your idea a bit more detailed, what do you mean by mini-campaigns?

What kind of improvements to combat are you talking about?

Some more details on what you have in mind for a dialog system would be good too. Depending on what you want there's a difference between a days work and a month or more ^^

Scripting system was always planned for makermod, both server and client. Would most likely have been lua not javascript though.


But I'm honestly very unlikely to do anything for makermod myself, maybe @Didz wants to work on something.

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By mini-campaigns I mean stringing together logical entities to create a more nuanced experience, in a way a stripped down version of single player. Ideally there'd be some sort of data-saving component so that progress could be carried through. For example, someone completes Chapter 1 of TheDeathOfJarJarBinks. In chapter 1 the player established a small base setup, gathered X resources, and narrowed the location to assassinate JarJar to some planet. When the player enters Chapter 2 then the state from the previous chapter can be parsed to set up the experience for chapter 2.


In terms of combat I mean making fighting NPCs more challenging beyond simply increasing max health. Perhaps the ability to give certain entities damage immunity to certain other entities on-the-fly. It would also be handy to be able to tie custom "powers" to a player: player binds a key to some "mcast awesomesauce" which spawns a lightning+drain FX in front of the player, a trigger that reduces the health and force of any character inside its region, and drains the player's force by 20/second.


As for dialogue I mean some way to pass on story-telling to the player. Custom audio played at the location of a given NPC upon activation of some logical trigger? Chat text easily distinguished from normal chat?


Add in scripting and I'll be flying around catwalk-ships, force storming rebels, and constructing bases that spawn NPCs a la RTS. 



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