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I will post any updates to the project here.





- Cleaned up 01nar a bit by removing some lights & remaking the bar booth where Kyle starts as a model

- Added more NPC blocking so that cannot just walk off the edge to their deaths in 01nar

- Added a few buildings to look at from the bar windows in 01nar instead of just darkness

- Tweaked the briefings & objectives to make a little more sense

- Added 02nar - it's a heavy WIP but is still worth a play

- 02nar now has a WIP 8t88 arm in the sewer and now displays objectives 1 & 2

- Briefings are re-enabled

- Tweaked the loading screen menu so the briefing doesn't run off the screen

- Changed the default player model to my DF2 Kyle (my older one) & changed the sounds, sex, etc in the code. Make sure you remove any old CFGs

- Fixed misc_model_ghoul to use animation rather than just be static (will be useful later on)

- Remade a few textures & improved others

- Datapad menu now works again, just needs a DF2 facelift.



The link is now only provided to DF2 mod developers.

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- Fixed Gamorrean's attack & stand animations in the code

- Fixed Gamorrean's axe to have 0 "fire" delay

- Changed Gamorrean's weapon from the blaster rifle to his axe

- Fixed issue where you couldn't go to the load game menu when you died



Please allow 1 hour from when this is posted for uploading. I've also committed the code updates to GitHub.

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- changed from using "junk" to using "crawler_junk" in 02nar

- added 3rd objective to 02nar, where you need to clear the landing zone for the Crow

- you now have to kill every single thug (6 total) at the end of 02nar to end the level, rather than making a run for it to the Crow

- slowed down the "death" of the skiff in 01nar

- reduced Gran Boxer's walk & run speed

- added buildings to outside areas in 01nar instead of just darkness

- reduced how much light the nar shaddaa sky gives

- tweaked some lighting in 01nar

- deleted old boss scripts for 01nar

- updated the Kyle model with my latest version

- replaced the JKA base splash screen



Please allow 1 hour for uploading from when this is posted.

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I haven't paid as much close attention to sounds, but I will in the future. :)





- Added the "DF2 GLA" which has all JK2 bones restored (minus the MC hand bones) & JKA lhang_tag_bone kept, while dumping the JKA tail bones

- Added code support for both JK2 & JKA models to be loaded against the "DF2 GLA", and the code has been uploaded


Please allow 1 hour for uploading from when this is posted.

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Just played through the Lost Disk. Looking pretty good but as you said it is still highly WIP.


Of the few things I noticed


-The switch with the hand on it should be default green and then turns orange when pressed. Right now the switches are reversed.

-The conveyor belts are hard to run on.

-The conveyor belt near the security key door (where the crate you ride on goes) doesn't move you at all.

-The big cargo lift that goes up to to the giant chasm section seems to run pretty slowly.


Not trying to bash your work in anyway. Just some recommendations I'd like to see fixed up. Keep up the good work.  :winkthumb:

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No, having some different issues on my end and I'm using the exe and dll that was provided.


When starting a new game, it doesn't load the text-scrawl/video and goes directly to the level. Once loaded, the camera starts glitching from me standing on the table with the mercenary also standing up on the table stuck halfway into the ceiling. I have a lightsaber in hand that doesn't activate and I have to rush into the bar area to grab the E-11 blaster. I reloaded from checkpoint after dying and that started the text-crawl/video and then loaded me ingame with the default JKA pistol. It was also using the regular Kyle model and not the one you created.

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