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@minilogoguy18 I never mapped nothing, but I always played with 3D. Cinema 4D and 3DS Max. Nothing big, just modeled something to play with and more recently to 3D print it.

I spend the last couple of days fowling every single step from RichDiesal's mapping tutorial (https://jkhub.org/mapping/richdiesal/richdiesal.htm). I'm in the glass section right now. When I finished I'll try to do a small map to test it. Maybe the last map from MOTS.

I'll read the DT85 link also! Thanks man!

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Well that's good @mcbenzi that you have some 3D experience. We're honestly much more active on the JKCommunity Discord although we try to post any significant updates here too just not a whole lot of general chatting going on here. You can also try to pick SomaZ's and AshuraDX's brains about mapping with other tools, AshuraDX made some tools where you can make most of the map in 3DS Max since you already are familiar with that but some things will still have to be done in Radiant. He should be able to answer any questions you have on that front.


Those 2 can also answer any questions you might have about the shader system, the render engine has gone through quite an overhaul to use PBR materials.

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