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You can make MD3 models become part of the actual map at compile time using misc_model, but I'm not sure how many of these you can have in a map though. Using models would certainly make the map look more decent due to smoothing (unless there's a way to smooth brushes).

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So i dont know if you're still looking for a level designer/mapper, but i could put some work in. Now to be honest my life can become busy ever so often but i usually have a good amount of time for modding and such. Just a heads up.


But yeah i would love to help make the levels, i would consider my self pretty good at recreating levels (Thats actually how i taught myself to use Zed/GTKradaint/Unrealed and other moding tools). And i have messed around with making Quake 3 and JKO/JKA levels.


I would especially love in helping make the Nar Shadaa and Barons Hed levels. And i think when i get home today i am going to try and see what i can do just for the fun of it and to prove myself haha.


If you're interested in seeing other work i have done to see some of my skills or whatever here are some links.


http://www.jkhub.net/editors/trank Work i have done for about 4 years over at the Hub.


http://www.moddb.com/members/trankrank Other work i have done, mainly Unreal Engine stuff and Dawn of War.

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Awesome man, so i have no clue what textures you guys are using but if you can perhaps point me to a place where i can download some, if not ill just use some filler textures and what not. And i believe you guys are using some left over stuff from the older DF2 remake?


The only thing that worries me about remaking levels are getting the textures and models. Hopefully we can get people willing to help with that.

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So i have done some little work, mainly looking at the textures and what not. But i got it so far to look almost just like it. The very bottom texture is just filler though. I am still deciding what texture to put there. Of course no lighting or anything at all yet.

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In my level, I've kept to the original mostly (moreso lately) but added some of my own ideas. I encourage the same sort of thing for all the levels, so we don't end up with a carbon copy of the original game. ;)

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I just got done with some more, and dont worry i have added a few more things, like i got nice curved pipes, i plan on having some structures on top of the area in the background. Some nice bordering along the top of the walls. But i havent got that far yet at all. About to upload a vid to youtube, ill post a link when its up showing off what ive got done so far.

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I haven't played Baron's Hed in years, so I also don't know what it should look like. :P




I load up the JK1 level I'm working on in JED and use it as a 3D reference while mapping in radiant. I find this much easier than flicking through numerous ref pics or gameplay videos. You may find this helpful as well if you own JK1. :)

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I've posted a few images of Lv1 from MotS.  The map itself is actually a 100% copy of the original.  However what I did was expand it out.  probably way larger than it should have been but my thought behind it was that this was a New Republic base, complete with Hangars, med bays, controls centers etc.  They would to have to move lots of cargo, equipment, personnel, etc.  So that was the route I took.  By no means am I telling you how to create your map merely offering my perspective on it.  :-)







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"I load up the JK1 level I'm working on in JED and use it as a 3D reference while mapping in radiant. I find this much easier than flicking through numerous ref pics or gameplay videos. You may find this helpful as well if you own JK1."


Oh yeah i do that too, Also helps with item placement later on and enemy placement.

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I think it would be nice to just have .map exporting for some of the major 3d packages and only use Radiant as a compiler and for the scripting.


I think we're getting a little off topic though but I would like to discuss more on level design options, if one of the major 3d packages could just build maps that would be amazing since the tools and interface is far superior.


*Ahem* See @@Xycaleth? I'm not crazy! I'm really onto something here, I need a python coder to make my dreams real though.

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Yeah but I don't want to distract him from rend2 since that's far more useful to the community than us being able to export as .map or do like a FBX->MAP converter.


Milkshape has a MAP exporter that works, you just have to texture everything in Radiant. I liked this in SWBF2 modding, only water and terrain were edited in the map editor, any structures that didn't include natural terrain were made in Softimage.

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