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Like a Bossk! [Contest for JKG]


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He’s dangerous, he’s barefoot, and…he’s missing a model.





Want to be able to say, “You just got Bossk’d” with your next headshot in the next patch of Jedi Knight Galaxies? Or maybe you’re itching to drive around IG-88 while tossing class e thermal detonators? Then participate in bringing one of your favorite bounty hunter to life! The contest will be open until January 8th, so be sure to complete your sculpt and/or normal-poly version and/or textures by then. You do not necessarily need to skin it, add sounds, or other extras, but you are welcome to if you feel the desire to, (doing so also may make us more partial to your work). If you wish to participate, simply post a WIP screenshot of your work on any canon Star Wars bounty hunter model (see a list here) in this thread on our forums before the end of November to let us know you’re in. The winner will be awarded with some special custom goodies we will announce. Good luck and may the best modeler win!





1) Must be completely original work, absolutely no Raven Assets (or anyone else’s) to be used.
2) Must be a canon bounty hunter who was alive during the time period of A New Hope
3) Must be completely submitted by January 8th 12:00 Midnight UTC
4) Must be submitted in a format we can export to JKA (acceptable formats: .fbx, .obj, .blend, .3ds (NO .max), .collada, .glm).
5) The more realistic, the better your chance of winning. (Please keep vertexes/triangles on the final model down to a limit that will fit in game though!) Do not submit styled models, such as a Clone Wars cartoon variant, or a bobble head model.


When you're ready to submit your work, please post final screenshots/media in a reply to the Like a Bossk Submissions thread as well as a link to your submitted file (in a .zip format). If for some reason you don’t want to publish your work publicly, feel free to PM Pande your submitted zip.  Good luck and may the best modeler win!




Please note: You agree to give unconditional access to your submitted work to the JKG Development team indefinitely, including, but not limited to: modification of your work, and use of it in game and on promotional material. Don’t worry you will get credit, we just want you to understand you can’t ask for it to be removed once submitted. You may, however, continue to use it as you’d like outside of JKG.

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