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Is that an early test mesh and texture or the finished product?

It's beta version.


Looking good!


I'm assuming it's a WIP, Zack. Could be wrong. 


Yes as I said above it's beta version) I hope we'll got time to continue to work on it before the final release.

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Hmmm, perhaps add some light veins to the diffuse in a randomised fashion along with some freakles. Also, it could use more simulated lighting. ;)



P.S What's going on with his hands? Make the edges of the fingers less sharp by welding verts or welding UVW seam lines.

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know what would be awesome with this guy? if you exported his head, and inported into zbrush or mudbox or something and really spruced it up in high res.. then exported it back out and back into your 3d program and create shadow rendermaps from the high res mesh, then overlay those shadows in photoshop or something and adjust the layers until you get a real nice result. would fix all of that continuous color looking stuff

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