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SULON Locations

Sulon is a small agricultural moon of the volcanic planet Sullust, which is a home to Sullustans (perhaps one of the reasons we added them in the mod). It was once a peaceful world with farms and small estates until the Galactic Empire showed up. At one point it was under control of the Dark Jedi Jerec and also home to Kyle Katarn and his family. Morgan Katarn, the now deceased father of the legendary Jedi Knight, helped the Rebels and Alliance sympathizers escape from Empire.

In Dark Pastime Sulon is one of the first missions.


There are only a few screenshots, but we'll add more later.

01. Katarn's Home

More or less a nostalgic location for all true Dark Forces II fans. The house of Kyle Katarn, where he grew up, is a calm and cozy estate, which once belonged to his father. After the latest's death, the house was robbed by a Dark Jedi Boc and then occupied by Grave Tuskens. It is presumed by the events of Dark Forces II, that the house was cleansed of any thugs in the area and used as a minor base of operations for both Kyle and Jan Ors in their quest against Dark Jedi Jerec.

In Dark Pastime it's a small mission, where Kyle walks through familiar and now restored rooms and corridors of the old familiar house.




02. Abandoned Residence

This is supposed to be a very small map, where Kyle works together with Jan Ors - they have to investigate the old Imperial residence, where she'd spotted some nasty people some days before.

03. River Chase (cut)

The river chase was supposed to be a map, where a Player rides a boat through the so-called canals of Sulon, from the abandoned house up to the city of Barons Hed. During this trip the Player would be chased by various mercenaries and Grave Tuskens. The level was ultimately removed both from the story and as a map per se.

04. Barons Hed

Barons Hed is presumably the largest and the only city on Sulon, that's been liberated some time ago from the Imperials. The local Governor resides here, as well as a Republic base was established near the former Imperial palace. The latest events show, that not everything is going as smooth as everyone believed. The riots in the city is one of the reasons, why kyle Katarn has to return to his home planet.

Here's the old screenshot of Barons Hed, when the DP mod was still in development for Jedi Outcast years ago.


05. Governor's Palace

The once feared Imperial government finally left Sulon for good. It was the people's decision to pursue an independent way of life, rather than joining one of the existing Galactic-dominating powers. Nevertheless the local Sulonese Governor has good relations with the Republic officials and granted the area around the former Imperial Tower as a base for the Republic troops. The situation in the Galaxy is still quite unstable, so more security will do good.

However the Governor makes a crucial mistake, that brings new tragic events to Sulon...



All these maps are complete, but need renovation and in some places more details and better lights. =) It's not that difficult, but also takes time. From time to time I create new textures, as most of the old ones are based on those, seen in DF II, and as you know, they are not the best example of quality.

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Thanks, Circa!

But as I said - those are mainly old screens. We want to add some elements into the levels. 


Sulon is also the first map to experiment on NPCs AI regarding the Player's ability to take away their weapons by Force Pull and thus making them almost mindless drones. I really hate that, at least in MOTS stormtroopers wouldn't give up without a fight! With fists, but they would still attack us.


And that's what I tried to add to the game. To tell the truth, this work wasn't fruitless, but needs perfection.  :)

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  • 8 years later...

It's been so long! Yet the maps for Sulon are complete for the most part. I changed a few things like scripts, textures, added new models and characters, as well as changed the general layout. This map of Morgan Katarn's house was the very first map I made for Jedi Outcast back in 2005 or so. I can't say I was satisfied with it those days, but there was little I could do to improve it. I think, it's a nice to thing to preserve its somehow naive interpretation from dark Forces II, yet I've added some details to bring back the spirit of good old DF2.

Currently some models are in process of completion and some textures were replaced with a HD version.






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