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Expanded Customization


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This is definitely something we need to include, as it's something that is a large issue with Jedi Academy.


This would take a lot of work but if we get multiple contributors, it could be epic.


I'm thinking we should have as many alien species models added as possible, with multiple outfits and variants. We should also have more variants to the existing models, both human and alien, but also new human models as well. I think a priority for models would be jedi robed models.


Also, we have @@redsaurus offering his new SP customization code mod that he's working on. Go here for more juicy details on that. It truly is epic, but a little different than what this is going to be.


Another thing that should be included is this:



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If there's anything I have made for DF2 that this project needs, I'll donate it but I very much doubt I will be able to devote any time to this.

I didn't expect you to, which is why I haven't really mentioned you in any of this. I figured you would be plenty busy with DF2. Which is completely fine! You're doing wonders with that project anyway. :D


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Looks good, but is Jaden that old in JKA's story? (I have no idea)

Canonically not, but if you can play as another gender or species, a slightly more mature character's not going to seem too out of place. Luke did accept students of varying ages, after all. It's just to give the player more options. Although, having just looked at his Wookieepedia page to satisfy my curiosity. Get this: Born 1 ABY. Yet, "a key figure in resolving the Disciples of Ragnos crisis in 14 ABY" I think someone may have errored. :P


Have some female variants too. Gotta give the ladies some love as well. :3

All species and genders have planned expansions. I just happened to pick the human male as a starting point!

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I just thought of something. If we're gonna use MUG's base pack...won't that be weird? Considering you can make yourself look like Luke/KyleRosh/Tavion/ETC and you will encounter them in the game with you looking like a clone? Could be a bit odd...

It was just a suggestion. I was mostly just thinking of throwing it in, because it's cool, but if we get enough new skins and models, we can scrap that.
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If we do use at least the female pack, someone needs to fix the hand tags on it. Played with it today and it looks awful. Look at where the hilts are located when held.









Even if we don't use it, that should be fixed. :P


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