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My "official" Star Wars Timeline journey

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Hey all.

Approximately 2 years ago, I started a master Star Wars read/watch/play through of all the (crucial) Star Wars stories whether they be the films (Disney included too ugh...), novels, comics, and video games; all leading up to the release of the Rise of Skywalker. I am not much of a comic guy and I'm not into the silly stuff (Ewok and Droids movies, Holiday Special etc.) or the deep lore (Yuuzhan Vong, Infinite Empire, separate/alternate timelines, small character bios etc). But what I personally consider the important stories, I did all in order, combining "canon" and "legends".

Now more things have come out and I have discovered more material so I'm diving back into it, starting from the beginning. Through this journey, my plan is to create and maintain a continuous and consistent story and, all the while, I plan to add models and maps (either built by me or others) to add to the core JKA game in a timeline-accurate and organized way. This marathon will be much longer than my initial attempt, especially because I'll be continuously adding to JKA throughout the complete saga.

At the time of my initial attempt, a friend of mine, who is also a master Star Wars fan, suggested I publish a blog through the journey, reviewing and discussing each entry but I wasn't too into the idea at the time. Now after being a member of this incredible community for about a year and getting back into modding, mapping, and modeling (after about a 10 year hiatus) I think this is the perfect platform to log my progress and discuss the topics with fellow enthusiasts. 

Through my first attempt I noticed some redundancies and contradictions but it is a largely (and surprisingly) coherent and cohesive narrative for the most part. And obviously some things have alternate histories (such as the "legends" Skywalker and Solo families being replaced with "canon" Kylo Ren, Rey etc.) but "canon" will take precedence here)

(Note: if you think something is out of order or something crucial should be added PLEASE TELL ME) 

Here is my list as it stands right now and it's subject to change:

Star Wars Timeline
-----------Formation of the Old Republic-----------

Visions: The Ninth Jedi

Visions: The Elder

---Great Schisms/various Jedi vs. Sith wars---

KOTOR videogame

Battlefront KOTOR mods*

JA KOTOR mods*

KOTOR 2 videogame

Revan book

Deceived book

Old Republic videogame

Battlefront: Old Republic mod*

JA TOR mods*

Darth Bane books

-----------Sith Disappear/Rule of Two------------

----------------1000 Years of Peace------------------

Open Season comic

------------------------Sith Return-------------------------

Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter book

Maul: Lockdown book

Starfighter videogame

Battle for Naboo videogame

Ep. 1- The Phantom Menace film

Racer videogame

Bounty Hunter videogame

Racer Revenge videogame

Jedi Starfighter videogame

Ep. 2- Attack of the Clones film

-----------------------Clone Wars--------------------------

Republic Commando videogame (chapter 1)

Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising videogame

Clone Wars videogame 

Clone Wars ((cartoon) part 1)

Battlefront (CW era)*

Republic Commando book

Republic Commando videogame(chapter 2)

Battlefront II (CW era)*

Battlefront 2 (CW era),(CW mods)*

JA CW mods*

Republic Commando videogame (chapter 3)

Clone Wars ((cartoon) part 2)                      

Dark Disciple book

The Clone Wars television series**

Ep. 3- Revenge of the Sith film

-----------------------Dark Times--------------------------

The Bad Batch television series

Battlefront: Elite Squadron videogame

Kenobi book

Battlefront 2: Dark Times mod*

Dark Lord book

Solo film

Jedi: Fallen Order videogame

A New Dawn book

Obi-Wan television series

Tarkin book

Force Unleashed videogame (Xbox 360&PSP)

--------Formation of the Rebel Alliance---------

Rebels television series seasons 1,2

Vader Immortal videogame

Rebels television series seasons 3,4

Battlefront 2: Ultimate mod*

Force Unleashed 2 videogame (dark side)

Death Troopers book

JA Zombies mods*

-------------------Galactic Civil War--------------------

Empire at War [EAW] videogame

X-Wing videogame

Battlefront I VR videogame

Rogue One film

Ep. 4- A New Hope film

Rogue Leader videogame (part 1)

Dark Forces videogame (redundant 1st level)

Rebel Assault II videogame

Rogue Squadron videogame

Ep. 5- The Empire Strikes Back film

Shadows of the Empire videogame

Rogue Leader videogame (part 2)

TIE Fighter videogame

EAW: Forces of Corruption videogame

Battlefront I videogame

X-Wing Rogue Squadron book

X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter videogame

Battlefront (GCW era)*

Battlefront 2 (GCW era),(GCW mods)*

JA GCW mods*

Rogue Leader videogame (part 3)

Ep. 6- Return of the Jedi film

Battlefront II videogame (SP campaign)

---------Formation of the New Republic--------

Squadrons videogame

Shadows of Mindor book

Rogue Squadron videogame (Dark Empire)

Dark Forces II videogame

Mysteries of the Sith videogame

Battlefront 2 (Battle of Suun Ra mod)*

Jedi Outcast videogame

Battlefront: Renegade Squadron videogame

The Mandalorian television series

The Book of Boba Fett television series

Jedi Academy videogame

--------------The First Order Emerges--------------

Resistance television series (season 1)

Battlefront II videogame (Resurrection)

Phasma book

Black Spire book

Ep. 7- The Force Awakens film

Battlefront: A New Frontier mod*

Resistance television series (season 2)

Ep. 8- The Last Jedi film

Ep. 9- The Rise of Skywalker film

*to include multiplayer maps and modded content to expand the story/make it fit better

**essential episodes only! To primarily include the Darth Maul arcs, Ahsoka arcs, series finale


Also it should be mentioned that the following are redundant to story elements but they are still arguably worthy of the time spent to play:

X-Wing Alliance videogame
Rebel Assault videogame
Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga videogame Lego Star Wars Complete Saga videogame
Lego Star Wars III videogame
Rebel Strike videogame

Tell me what you think! And stay tuned for modded content for JKA that I will share as I go.


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Hey all,

This topic is NOT dead. I've just been getting distracted by some personal problems and life generally. Then in honor of WandaVision, I decided to watch all the MCU movies and TV shows in chronological order. (As you can all see, I'm a bit on the insane side and looooove my chronological timelines! Haha) thanks for your patience. Ill be back at it soon!

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I guess, many people have their own 'timeline of the Galaxy', which helps them watch, understand and love Star Wars. Most of my friends stick to Episodes I-VI or even IV-VI, while EU is a secondary material for them for the most part.

For me most EU Star Wars remain truly canonical, even Holiday Special, cartoons and minor games. That's because – the silly style of them is a pure form of telling us a story. Not the best form and a mediocre story, that's true. Ewok movies on the other hand are mostly for kids, but that doesn't prevent them from being a minor layer of Endor history for example. Star Wars Galaxies used a clever method of introducing characters from these into the main story as subquests. Cindel Towani appears as a journalist on Coruscant in later sources for adults as well.

After 2015 the community became very much divided, as you already know. Some fans ignore Clone Wars project completely, while others enjoy it. I was sceptical about it and Ahsoka Tano in the very beginning, but changed my mind after Seasons 1-2. Currently my personal 'timeline' omits the survival of Darth Maul, and I consider him to be very-very dead in The Phantom Menace. All other appearances after that – are a Dopplegänger for me.

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On 3/11/2021 at 2:13 AM, BlindDaThief said:

Hey all,

This topic is NOT dead. I've just been getting distracted by some personal problems and life generally. Then in honor of WandaVision, I decided to watch all the MCU movies and TV shows in chronological order. (As you can all see, I'm a bit on the insane side and looooove my chronological timelines! Haha) thanks for your patience. Ill be back at it soon!


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Hello all,

I'm very sorry that I have not gotten started on this for those that are paying attention. BUT! it is part of my resolution for the New Year. My resolutions are to pay off my student loans, date only good people, and get to modding!!!! haha. 


I will have a small taste of what I've been working on done soon and it'll be up as soon as it is. I have been spending about an hour a month on this, so its been a slow process so far but I'm gonna crank up the frequency of this hobby. Hang in there! I hope its worth it...

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I now realize there will always be something to delay me... But working on a reskin of Kit Fisto that's almost done. I'm new to this stuff though so I'm trying to figure out how to take cool snapshots and be able to release it. I think it looks great. Sounds, teams and bots and all!

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