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KotF Crysis Treaty

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After few days of hot fight between Linken's team and my own we finally reached a consensus. With the help of kimmeh we have an agreement which results in ceasing hostility between each mod and deleting the content made by devs from other teams. A detailed report of the content will be presented in archived video of the conversation between mod representatives. I would also like to announce that from now on advertising the other mod is forbidden due to strong emotions within the community surrounding the topic. It would be best not to talk about the other mod at all to prevent dangerous situations to both of us. The deleted content will be completely remade and put back into the mod without using the original assets or any files which don't belong to us. Google Drive is safe to use now but don't use the launcher. It's broken anyway.

Archive video:


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I honestly think there's no need for hostility in such a small community. You guys should all focus on making amazing content for this (pretty much almost dead) game. We're so low on numbers and you still fight on making separate mods because of your personal quarrel. Just my opinion, but there's so few of us it would be better to just have a competent team working on one quality mod instead of making several ones that very few people will play. 

Wish you guys the best either way ?

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It all seems incredibly petty in my opinion and it's ironic that all this drama is happening to a mod who's legacy is drama and bad blood. Splitting into two mods is foolish and one will inevitably die out. I recommend actually sorting things out and getting back on track as one cohesive team.

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I think that splitting one mod into two mods, while both are essentially the same mod, is ridiculous. How did this mod become this large in the first place? Because you were working as a team. Disagreements can happen, but there is always a solution for that. So get your act together and join forces again, because anything else won't do this mod any good.

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Oh, now I understand why we have not had any update for the past few months.

In the case you guys cannot agree with each other, I hope you will release everything you designed in the last patch before closing the project. In the past, KoTF suffered the same situation when the developer quit and deleted all of his work.


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16 hours ago, Starlord101 said:

In the past, KoTF suffered the same situation when the developer quit and deleted all of his work.


Completely different situation. The original KOTF developer quit because he stole work and tried to sell it as his own. All of the work he stole was obtainable outside the mod, aside from the menu, which is the only thing he made. This new version had much more promise, since they give credit and ask permission to use content in their mod, in addition to being actually free.

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