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  1. In the end, the mod is completely cancelled, right?
  2. Oh, now I understand why we have not had any update for the past few months. In the case you guys cannot agree with each other, I hope you will release everything you designed in the last patch before closing the project. In the past, KoTF suffered the same situation when the developer quit and deleted all of his work.
  3. Hello everyone, 2019 passes and our mod is one more year older, too. Best wishes to the team and all members. Let's hope that 2020 will come with better game play and more characters with maps.
  4. There are never enough "Jedi fresh" for the Mutant Rancor. I am looking forward to adding more new Jedi NPCs to feed that monster ?. The battle between Palpatine and Jedi Masters was my first self-made scenario when I played the original mod. It is so nostalgic now.
  5. Nice. Happy Holiday to all the team, too. P/S: The assignment for NPC skins remind me about the original mod of JK. I hope you will provide us with the full command of all NPC skins inside the mod, without NPC's avatar, it would be hard to memorize all.
  6. I am glad that our mod is large that much so we have many departments. I hope one day I can see 10,000 unique Jedi during in the Republic Galactic faction like what Kanan told Erza ?
  7. Hi, I noticed from your roadmap that there was no schedule to make NPCs from Knights Fall Operations be available in the selection menu. Does it mean that they will not be added as playable characters?
  8. Nice. By the way, can we improve Four-armed Grevious' combat style? From your road map, there will be an epic battle between him and Obiwan, but his unique skill with 4 light sabers currently looks dull and abnormal (only expanding and standing still). I hope this is a good opportunity to polish that villain.
  9. Hi everyone, I just wonder if we will have new things in our mod between here and the Star War movie (I hope it should be the last movie in the saga and not disastrous as much as The Last Jedi). Last year, during this time, we got hyped about Knights Fall Operation and the year before was about new NPCs. This year is quite quiet now
  10. Oh man, I just read this list of all Force-sensitive characters by species https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Force-sensitive_individuals_by_species Without many modelers, we will never reach the number of 10,000 Jedi with all species in the Star Wars universe like what Kanan told Ezra . If we can do that, we will be no longer a mod but we will become the most comprehensive Star wars game ever .
  11. I guess it will not change anything due to 2 reasons: 1. Devs stop accepting new NPC suggestions now. 2. Like many characters I suggested in 2017, Tera Sinube does not have an available model and devs only consider characters who have comparable models in our mod.
  12. Lol, I really like your sense of humor. Your reasoning reminds me of Master Jedi Tera Sinube's philosophy. Unfortunately, we do not have him in our mod.
  13. Thank you for giving us a chance to be heard.
  14. Oh, I just think this suggestion may utilize available NPC efficiently without creating new characters and enrich our mod' s lore content. Can't wait until next update
  15. First, thank you very much for detailing the patch. Second, because some characters will not be added now into NPC menu, I have a humble suggestion. Instead of calling them a Gran Jedi or an Aqualish Jedi, we can give them actual specific names: Gran Jedi Master Maks Leem https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Maks_Leem Aqualish Jedi Commander Windo Nend https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Windo_Nend Although these Jedi are gone and merged with the Force, please let their names be honored in our mod.
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