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Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

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4 hours ago, JohnPraduitorul said:

a link to these nice model?


I can give its link from discord

Because I'm not planning to share all models until season 1 starts ^_^


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On 4/2/2020 at 10:08 PM, DarthValeria said:

A business work i did for a friend who wants to play Jedi Academy Movie Battles 2 ^_^





Omg is there a link for those skins they look amazing ?!

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13 hours ago, SweatyPalms said:

Omg is there a link for those skins they look amazing ?!

I will share it later ^^

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I've just tested that youtube urls work in JKHub

Because a month ago, links weren't showing videos as pictures ^^

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Today I want to inform you dear friends that, the Spark of Hope series will be  13 episodes... Then I will make a mid season break after the first 13 episodes are published

Each episode will be published weekly as you could guess.


With luck and patience... I believe the remaining 15 episodes will be prepared in 13 weeks + season mid break time

After season 1 is finished completely... I'm planning to start new two projects before season 2 starts


New Projects
-Star Wars: The Tragedy of Darth Valeria Episode I
-Star Wars: The End of Hope Series


1) Valeria project will be a movie series comprising of 6 movies, it may take some time but probably will take less than Spark of Hope will... 

This story will be in the Old Republic Era... How the founder of Lotus, Valeria will fulfill her destiny

But the creation of some of the character models and maps can increase the time required to make... Not a big deal


2) The End of Hope is an alternative ending of Return of the Jedi which Luke turns to the dark side
It will be a series of 14-20 Episodes

The End of Hope's script and it's lines have already been prepared. So not much time will be needed to finish production

This story belongs to someone who wrote this fanfiction story in wattpad 

And it's writer gave me permission to do this

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News for Spark of Hope

-All character models have been prepared

-YT Corellian Freighter Needs some Updates, or i will have to remake it from the beginning

-Season 1 will be 28 episodes as 9 episodes have already been prepared. But it goes so slowly unfortunately

-I'm learning to add a ship to an Empire At War mod... I'll try to finish that work so soon

-A few Empire At War private maps have been prepared

-SWTOR Lightsabers will be prepared in Blender soon

-Special models I created will be published here

-I'll try to master GtkRadiant much more

-I need a bit more time to create a map for Lotus Rebel Base... Only problem is that i have out of ideas

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A Swtor player named Savilex asked me to convert his model with different robes into Jedi Academy for playing in Movie Battles 2

As i shared some of his screenshots before

Here it's video


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