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DarthValeria's Jedi Academy Machinimas

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Hey, pretty good! The AI ruins the immersion a bit though, and I didn't understand what exactly was going on at ~17:30 - yeah, there were jettroopers there, but the camera was too far. Also, how exactly did Anakin defeat Cin Drallig? Did he Force control the blaster?


Can you, perhaps, recreate the 'Deceived' cinematic from TOR?


There are a bunch of armoured models already available, both for Sith and Jedi.


Or maybe something from TFU or KOTOR? Or even one of those 'What if?' scenarios?


What say you? :winkthumb:

I forgot to answer that question "Also, how exactly did Anakin defeat Cin Drallig? Did he Force control the blaster?"

Yep he used the force to control the rifle and shouted him

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I have been studying Blender for nearly a few months to export my swtor toons as .glm format for playing in Jedi Academy


First i have ripped my orange swtor toon from the game then, placed her head onto Alora's body, i didnt do the rest because I'm still learning

It really took months to ask people and watch tutorials


I'm glad i have managed at long last :)









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@@Artemis @@Maui @@Ramikad @Noodle @ooeJack @Jeff @Tompa9 @Circa


Thank you so much guys,

This is just the beginning, no one will stop us after i learned mapping with GtkRadiant <3


You'll get there, keep watching tutorials and do as they do. Also try to learn blender itself too, try to make simple things with online tutorials to get the grasp of the dozens of different possibilities.

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