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EffectsED Bugs, Issues, Shortcomings, Desired Improvements...

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Ok... so trying to start the process of documenting issues.











So, I could not figure out why the EFX would give me these R_LoadImage() errors when trying to load EFX from my extracted "modding" directory: d:/gamedata/base ...because I had extracted all of the PK3's, and the shaders were there. Then it dawned on me that I may have too many player/vehicle model shaders added to my ../shaders folder. So I moved them to a backup folder and re-extracted only the game's shader folder and viola... that worked! No more shader errors. WHY? This seems like some kind of hard-coded limit in EffectsED on how many shaders it can load into memory, or something... right? Anyways, seems like an issue to me. Once I restored only the original shaders... the EFX would play correctly-- HOWEVER, the MP3 sound for droidexplosion1.efx would only play a "ding" sound from either C:\ or D:\ drives when playing the EFX. However, when playing the sound from the Sound Tab only... it would play the sound correctly-- but only from d:/gamedata/base ...but it would give that error from C:\ path.

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Bug of effect Ed...

mmm i used for years for making efx of magic and spells for my mod and so...

- MP3 sound not played. only sound played is a windows operactive system sound: Ding ding ding ding :P

- If effect is too loud and with to many primitive appear the error signed by Grab

- Only JPG image format shaders are nicely displayed on Effected. Not support PNG, TGA or other graphical format. that is horrible because you cannot do many effect becausde into the simulator you see only coloured little squared particles (with various dimension and size) so you not have idea of WHAT are you choosing as effect sprite. >.<

- the color bars for rgb a sprite is too limitated for what i think. if i add too many custom colors, i lose colors that maybe i need after.

- The Emitter is strongly bugged: attached models look only like black cubes. they are NOT loaded and so is not also possible to align correctly fo effect axis! example, if i want to make and efx or a projectile that shoot a knife, the knife model... well i can see only on game and fix gradually x y z parameters by what i see in game. many time the knife was launched with blade on back inside or forward, or with a strange rotation angle or sided :P not much efficiently for kill someone no? XD

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I would honestly like to see a nice and simple click-and-drag interface, where you can easily move different effects to different spots without having to manually type it all out the Coordinates. Something else that would be good is being able to rotate the effects around the origin point. Thanks :)

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One bug I know of is that it will not play .mp3 sound files (like it can't find winamp).


A second bug I know of is that camera shaking does not work.


It doesn't support or allow loading Ghoul2 models-- which we might want to put some EFX on.

The camera shake seems to work on different maps for me.

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My mistake. Look forward to any updates you end up doing.

There won't be any updates... I had documented these bugs/issues in hopes a little black raven might fix them... but was told that won't happen. We are stuck with what we have. Unless one of the coders wants to use a pared-down version of the engine and wrap a GUI around it.

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