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Cloud City Sp Mission - Vader Story BETA Beta

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About This File

Well.. here it is.. my biggest Live project.. Cloud City Sp Mission with Darth Vader as the main character. I Hope You will like it!


To install: put this file in Your academy folder.


-Cloud-City-modification in the gamedata folder
-Cloud-City-modification BETA.bat file in the same folder


To play: Start the game with the batch file. To start the cloud City just click new game and diffulty level. The map will load.
If it will not work just type : Devmap Cloudy in the console


Credits of creating the story and the maps with the new model objects weapon models goes to me AND of course thanks to the :


-All Jkhub Members and Jedi Academy Artists - mentioned them in the Credit Table.


Thanks Them for support and permission to include these awesome models to my modifications! All credits go to them and look for their other awesome projects here on JKhub ;) .


The modification change some weapon models and their ammo , fire rate amount. Make Sure You dont have any other WEAPON.Dat in one of the other files.


Many thanks for the waiting and support Guys! Enjoy slicing bespin cops ;)


Many files of this mod are not 100% used in the story... these are stuff i made but they are not end yet.


There are weapon look changes:


-blaster pistol is now Dh17 made by me
-Heavy Repeater has now new better model! made by me
-Flechette and E-11 has changed look too - flechette look similar to it
-trip mine model changed too.


And new player models and changes (that i made):


-Darth Vader has new diffrent animations!
-Raxle Vercel and the group of jedi
-Bespin Cop Elite soldier - white armor soldier (these guys has more hp cant remove their weapons from their hands and they fire their weapons much quicker)
-Bespin Pilot Model/skin
-Changed imperial model (Textures by Hapslash) to make one look like Daine
-Made Ugnaught vehicles - replacing mark2 and made giant Ugn mech
-Royal Guards - Red and Black Version
-new rebel skins
-made new animation to the R2D2 - Death Animation.


For Npc files You can check them in the cloud.pk3 and see the npc files.


For all maps You can check! (they are mostly bonus not finished maps):
-Devmap cloudy
-Devmap cloudysecond
-Devmap cloudy_duel
-Devmap cloudy_duel_sunrise
-Devmap Executor
-Devmap Yacht
-Devmap mirtest


Thanks guys patience .. ENJOY!


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This mod is awesome thanks for making it! I have one question I would like to play as vader with those animations in the vanilla game or KOTF is there a file I could use so that when I do playermodel Vader it will use those animations only when I use that character? thanks for reading this and cheers.

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