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  1. I know I hated all the CG. They're kind of doing the same thing with the new Hobbit movies too, in the old LOTR almost everything was real and filmed in New Zealand. Now everything is made of CGI and it looks like something out of a PS4 game.
  2. Ziff Davis Media is going to buy JKHub.

    1. katanamaru


      -.- Too far man, too far.

    2. Scorpion



    3. Merek


      Lose the sarcasm.


  3. That moment when you're away for an hour and when you check back you have 9 notifications.

  4. Maybe you should cut that tree down and make a bridge!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DT85


      Maybe you could just jump down. :P

    3. Agent Jones

      Agent Jones

      I accidentally killed Rosh during my first playthrough...he was standing right near the tree.

    4. Onysfx


      Rosh: Jaden, please make a bridge! I'm afraid of heights!

  5. Finally grabbed the binaries! In the unlikely event that they work I'll give you a cookie.
  6. Throwing together an atomic bomb powered by radioactive death kittens.

    1. DT85


      Good work Caelum. :D

  7. Baby, baby, baby, oh! Baby, baby, baby, oh!

    1. Onysfx


      So hes Caelum and Bieber now...

  8. COME TO DADDY! BTW, the mother is Jan.
  9. I just realized for the first time that @ChalklYne's avatar has the word "chalk" in it.

  10. So now Jaden sounds like an annoying little twat and you can kill him instead of Rosh who should be the hero of the story.
  11. This is exactly the mod I need! Those menu sounds were getting really annoying...
  12. Since when can a website speak? I command you to stop as the founder of JKHub.
  13. I. Am. Not. Caelum.

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    2. DT85
    3. DT85


      But is Caelum as annoying as Rosh (character)?

    4. MagSul


      Maybe you could use your lightsaber to cut those trees down and make a bridge.

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