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  1. Are you going to update the file and add the skins from MBII to here soon?
  2. This is the best Jango and Mandalorian model in general I've ever seen for this game, nice work. For any new skins for this model, would it be possible to create textures for the following Mandalorians?: -Myles (Open Seasons Comics) -Unnamed Mandalorian Soldiers (with green armor and yellow visor frames) -Silas (Open Seasons Comics) -RGB Mandalorians (like the ones MB2 has currently but updated with this model, would look infinitely better)
  3. The blasters I'm trying to add (mainly using the models from MBII): -DLT-20A -DC-15X -WESTAR-M5 (all 3 with sniper modes if possible, don't know how to give blasters scopes though) -E-22
  4. I'm creating custom Mandalorian NPCs using the MBII and Skirata models, but the flamethrower seems to come out from all over their bodies rather than the wrist bracer. I know this is due to the model not having the "flamethrower" tag like the normal Boba fett model does, but how do I transfer the tag over?
  5. Brendan1021

    501st Legion

    I just noticed the Noob_Clones folder isn't present in the .pk3. Is this going to be fixed?
  6. If you want to add something to your list of SWTOR models to port, I also found a Darth Angral model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/89sexqht2ml37o7/Darth_Angral.rar?dl=0
  7. If you're interested, I found a Darth Angral model from SWTOR. https://www.dropbox.com/s/89sexqht2ml37o7/Darth_Angral.rar?dl=0
  8. How's the progress on the other models?
  9. Truth is I actually don't know a lot about porting models to JKA, I'm still quite new to it. I only heard that its possible to reduce the amount of verts a model has, haven't been able to find a tutorial on that though.
  10. If you want to attempt the Sith Eradicator and Imperial Trooper, here are the files (I do recommend you use 2.79, as later versions seem to screw up the weights on the left leg): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vc4bwj045mdkjnc/AACGSFWwr6bkMivIbP_IEi-Ga?dl=0 It is possible to reduce the amount of vertices or decimate its geometry so that it causes less issues in the game, no?
  11. I can't seem to find his republic trooper model anywhere, and I'm quite certain the one for MBII is the Conqueror variant, not the Legacy Exalted version. Anyway, here are the models: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvzh62bhrikyvow/swtor models.rar?dl=0
  12. Hi, I am not sure if these types of requests go here but I was wondering if you were interested in rigging a few SWTOR characters (I have the .obj files) -Darth Zash (Old and Young appearance) -Republic Trooper (Legacy Exalted Armor) -Arkanian Bounty Hunter -Tenebrae -Mandalorian Soldier (SWTOR, the blue ones you typically see) -DLA-13 Heavy Blaster Rifle (for imperial soldiers) Although not from SWTOR, I also have a high quality Sith Eradicator and Imperial Trooper model I got off of sketchfab (the author said its okay to port it to JKA) that looks pretty accurate to the cinematic trailers, here are images of both:
  13. I know this is 6 years late, but have you released these models?
  14. Exactly as the title says, I'm not sure what to edit in either the source code or regular files to change the length and width of the bolts.
  15. The main problem is that these models are not from SWTOR, they're models from Sketchfab. Plus the time lapse is far too quick for me to get any actual idea of how to do it effectively.
  16. I am trying to convert two Old Republic models made by user Darth Mongol The Unwise, consisting of an Imperial Soldier and Sith Eradicator. However, I have pretty much no knowledge on converting and porting models like these on Blender. A thorough walkthrough of the process would be appreciated. Edit: The person who released the models told me they were ill fit for conversion at the moment due to being posed, I'll let you know when he releases the better files for it. Edit 2: I have the improved files now, these are more fit for conversion as they now have bones: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o-cYLeJfL6G3t3MCija2-M2xZ88iKtAA/view?usp=sharing As well as a texture he made for a SWTOR Jedi Knight, although it is just a recolor of the Eradicator:
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