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  1. Today at 7pm EST on NGN's MP damages server, an event celebrating the history of Star Wars will begin, split into two parts (ep 1 to 4 today) (ep 5 to 8 may 5th) most of the significant battles throughout the main 8 movies in the saga will be recounted through TFFA, Map links and more info can be found at: https://thengnclan.com/forum/index.php?/topic/168-ngn-yearly-event/
  2. MGSV GZ/PP earned game of the year, it wasn't because of its open world, it wasn't because of the story; it was because of the freedom of choice, because of the fact it was so easy to pick it up and play guns blazing, or full stealth, or be a complete goofball and only use decoys and the box. Its full of nearly endless possibilities, and won me, the press, and millions of people over, its addicting as hell.
  3. Toast


    I'm working on creating my own, more modern style Gray fox model, as much as this one and ninjafox are great, they're also really outdated
  4. Ah alright, I've seen those models before off of wonko, but honestly I prefer seeing them in some place better. and I had no idea there was a prior Metal Gear thread rip
  5. Yay or nay to me finding and uploading Solid Snake and other metal gear related models to JKHub?
  6. Not much love for metal gear around here as i'd have wished, but still, for whoever is interested in talk about the games, any mods, story talk etc, hit up this lil thread here
  7. Oddly enough any steam links i put down dont work, so i just put my steam name instead lol

  8. Pretty good at finding cool shit to upload

  9. Toast


    glad this is finally more accessible to people now, would have been a shame to see this forgotten
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