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Author (Of this SoundFix): Xen/MeWmIXNOTE: I did not make this Model..all I did was make it so the sounds would work in JA.Also, I am 80% done with The Twin Snakes version of Gray Fox, I just need my skinning done. Included will be the sounds, Bloody Gray Fox, Spider-Fox (Unlockable Costume Change for him) and hopefully I can finally finish my Beam Rifle model for his arm.Credits: Well of course ksk_h20 for the model, and   SM]Maximus, FoJ_JM_Miyamoto for the skins. This is probably the best model for JO and it should be appreciated by being used by people in JA. I use it alot..so that should motivate you enough to use it. ^.^

Original ksk_h2o model readme:


***************************JEDI KNIGHT II MODEL***************************Title : GRAY FOXAuthorModel by : ksk_h2oSkins By : ksk_h2o, [SM]Maximus, FoJ_JM_MiyamotoE-Mail : ksk_h2o@hotmail.comWebsite : --File Name : grayfox.pk3File Size : 3.2 MB Date Released : Feb 18 2003Description : Multiplayer ModelComments : Well, as the name says it, its Gray Fox, as the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid.***=======****The caps TGA and caps shader in the pack is from the cheshire vader model by cheshire cat and Matt "arco" Fergusson, and Michael Frost "sithlord-ii'Many thanks to sithlord for also helping me out with the shader for the caps and general tips.***=======****Much Thanks to [SM]Maximus for all the help with skinning, his skins, and his support thgroughout the project.  Many Thanks to FoJ_JM_Miyamoto for his great work on skinning the characters Elan, Tycho and Deimos. There are quite a few skins and not all have their own icons.  Most models come with an open facemask version as well as the closed facemask version.Here's a list of what you need to type to get all the models:DEFAULT SKIN:model grayfox/default  model grayfox/dopen <-open faceplate default modelTEAM SKINS:model grayfox/blue <- BLUE TEAM Modelmodel grayfox/bopen     <- BLUE TEAM Model with open faceplatemodel grayfox/red     <- RED TEAM Modelmodel grayfox/ropen     <- RED TEAM Model with open faceplate(of course the open faceplate models will not work in team games)[SM]MAXIMUS' Personal Skin:model grayfox/max <- Original skin created by [SM]Maximus this was later updated   This skin may/can be replaced with the latter version depending on what the creator wantsmodel grayfox/mxopen <- Maximus' original Sin with open faceplateSKINS FROM FoJ_JM_Miyamoto:model grayfox/default_elan <- Elan with the closed faceplatemodel grayfox/elan-o <- Elan with open faceplatemodel grayfox/default_tycho <- Tycho with the closed faceplatemodel grayfox/tycho-o <- Tycho with open faceplatemodel grayfox/default_deimos <- Deimos with the closed faceplatemodel grayfox/deimos-o <- Deimos with open faceplateThere are a number of shaders at work on the model while the shine covers the entire body, the others are mainly on the head/face.  THe face shaders might be too discreet to notice at a long distance.A better way of getting in touch with ksk for comments, etc; (due to large quantities of spam) is by logging into the premier forums for JKII and sending "ksk h2o" a pm...Have Fun,kskTHIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.

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glad this is finally more accessible to people now, would have been a shame to see this forgotten

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One of the first mods I downloaded back in the day, big MG fan.

I'm working on creating my own, more modern style Gray fox model, as much as this one and ninjafox are great, they're also really outdated

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