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    Description Based on the siege hoth map. * .bsp name: hoth_assault (replaces version 1 that was bugged) * .map source file included * FFA/TFFA/Duel map. Duel gametype with different spawnpoints. * No Botroutes. ________________________ Author : MD Gametype: FFA/TFFA/Duel Release Data: 12 May 2021 File Version: 2.0 File Name: hoth_assault.zip ________________________ Installation Extract the archive and put the hoth_assault.pk3 file into GameData/base folder. Also you can use console to start the map type: /map hoth_assault NOTE: If you are using the original file i uploaded before, this one replaces it! Credits - ~#mad. - ^BLITZKRIEG! (kata and wrg for ideas and finding bugs, etc). - Raven Software / the creator of original siege_hoth map.
  2. Version Beta


    Old topic for some info/comments: https://jkhub.org/topic/3213-bespin-streets-platform-v1-jk2-sp-map-remake-for-jka-mp/ Started in 2013 by Me and Shinja (teamne0n), heavily modified (some screenshots old): It needs some texture/light/brush fixes etc, UNFINISHED. You may modify how you want though give some credits for us and original author, some pro mapper make it look like in movies
  3. I am very interested in this one, gonna try it for sure in the future.
  4. I used to be in EoC Team before, is Stoiss/Serenity still together in this one? Looks nice nowadayz. Cheers
  5. Tatooine City V2 (FFA3 Remake) highly modified idea of mp/ffa3, built from scratch: http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modding-mapping-editing/323199-tatooine-city-v2-angelmapper.html Where to download? Or never got released? Still contacts for Angelmapper? TELL AND SHARE! (Last image is the main of ffa3)
  6. Well yeh, but it's pretty big map, isn't it just easier to copy & edit Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard and Final map together. But once again, it's very big map and I hate walking/jumping to long distances, maybe few teleports would be better then.
  7. Hey, no it's not gonna be an improved version. Basically this is mix of Jedi Outcast SP Levels Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard. TRJA map is nice, though it's way too big and "messy" in my opinion for normal-sized multiplayer maps. I wanna keep this simple and normal size, and kinda similar like the JO Singleplayer levels, but still better and focused more on multiplayer gameplay. Although, I could make an improved version of TRJA, If I get permissions, but I am pretty sure I don't have time because so many unfinished projects et cetera... EDIT: What do you mean underground last level? JO Final map (the one you fight with Desann?)
  8. Most of people knows the JK2 Singleplayer Yavin Temple/Yavin Courtyard map, and some people asked me about this one already. Well this is my little old project i started working again for Jedi Academy Multiplayer and it needs a lot of working/fixing/texturing/lighting blabla yet. Screenshots with test .bsp compile (no lights really that much or anything else) ;/ looks so bad atm. We'll see If I'm gonna ever finish/release this one, or perhaps I give the .map source files for someone to finish it, lol. *beep beep* Link for Screenshots: http://share.pho.to/9aWem For the Mappers: Let me know if anyone of you is interested in this one, so maybe we can work together. (Who has experience or have at least decent map/project)
  9. So how it's going and you gonna release it or? Maybe you should release some other maps too if you have projects, would be nice to see.
  10. That Lady Luck ship is basically copy from JK2 SP, and nothing special. Everyone who can map and decompile it from JK2 and edit it (rescaling etc) but still it's very poor made comparing to this one.
  11. Yeh.. for example the lady luck ship is in JK2 Singleplayer map called ns_starpad but it's very poor..
  12. Does anyone have this file/where to download or is it even released? (Pretty old video uploaded 2009-2010 in youtube)
  13. Version 1.0


    Tatooine themed FFA map which was first designed for the fast-paced FF (fullforce) playing, but for now it is playable for everything. (except Siege or CTF of course lol) Also .map Source Files included inside of the .pk3/maps folder, so people may modify/copy, as long you give me credits. Known bugs: Nothing major, only 2-3 brushes are "half-invisible", doesn't affect for playing or hurt your eyes. It can be fixed easily with a new compile but too lazy to do it. Overall the map is fresh and clean with good FPS. If you find any other bugs/errors that I don't know, let me know so I can fix it (and perhaps version 2 will be better) ******************************************************************************************************************************* Author: MD Title: FF Tatooine Spaceport V1 New Textures: Yes (HQ) Botroute Support: Yes Gamemode Support: FFA TFFA DUEL Compile Time: ~About 25 mins (final) Build Time: 25 years. Filename: ff_tatooine_v1 Filesize: 21.3 MB Date Released: 19 December 2014 ****Credits & Thanks****: * Pande (Some of the textures such like sand from JKG Tatooine Spaceport FFA3 Remake) * -[DE]- Clan Beta Testing * JKHub/JKA Community * LucasArts & Raven Software INSTALL: extract the .zip and just put the ff_tatooine_v1.pk3 in your GameData/base folder. *******************************************************************************************************************************
  14. Yeh, well since many peoples likes/and it's one of the most used maps in JKA, I decided to make some kind of Texture Mod. (Clientside of course) WIP Photo Gallery: http://pho.to/5MalB At the moment, most of the textures is from Pande's Spaceport map, so I am not releasing it yet unless Pande gives me permissions to use it ( Yes I gotta talk with you @@Pande ) Also, I am working on FFA3 Bespin/Imperial theme. Credits: - Me :: Project Lead/Textures - Pande :: Most of the textures (Pande's Tatooine Spaceport FFA) - FF Community :: Testing
  15. But Makermod is.... Eww what I can say.. Not actual gameplaying, just chilling & roleplaying and some noob building. Most of the people sticks to normal/real FFA with JA+ or just basejka.
  16. JKHub JA+ NF (Saber Only) FFA Server would be a nice idea.
  17. Well, right now I am inactive because of real life stuff. (Maybe I'm gonna give it to someone who will finish it) Anyway, I'm gonna keep it as JO/JKA bespin look (brown, etc.) White is just for Cloud City and this map is not Cloud City, It's Bespin Streets
  18. Agreed with MoonDog, also it looks a bit of that Quake 3 Space Jumping map or whatever the name was. Looks nice tho.
  19. Yes there will be a test file for some guys who I trust, and the tests will be on my server. Just for saying I don't work with this project everyday because I have other works also, but I am trying to release it before January 10th.
  20. Ewwwwwwwwww, so many comments lol and it's just beta version. But yeh, I don't mind creating a big ass buildings with curves just for looking better etc. It's based on gameplaying and players doesn't really care about that it has to be exactly like in movies ^^ Will see.
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