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  1. He's referring to the source code of the mod, since he's saying he doesn't want to be involved in the project anymore it means I'll still be able to create game updates as well as correct the copyright issues. I'm aware that I can modify the PK3 files, zEvolution_of_CombatIV_11.pk3 is my PK3 file in the build where I developed all the menus, etc. I use IZArc to open/edit them. I would remove the copyrighted content by simply going through the PK3s and deleting it all, but obviously that would leave errors in the game which is why I need the actual source code so I can remove the references fro
  2. Hey everyone, I know by posting here I'm probably going to be spammed with hate, but please just hear me out. I've been saving this post up for some time and I have been waiting to share this information on Friday in a news post on ModDB, but just checking this thread and seeing how many people have such strong feelings about the current mod situation I thought I'd post it now. Just to make it clear (although I'm sure you'll understand by the end of this post anyway) I am not the mod developer, I am simply the guy that promotes the mod. I created the teaser videos, managed the mod page, cr
  3. Hello! I'll go through and quickly respond to a few points. I've modified all the menus from the original release of EoCIV. Not sure exactly what you think is wrong in them. Are you talking about MP or SP? I worked my way through a lot of the authors of the character models and everyone I managed to contact was alright with us using their work as long as we referenced them, which we have already done. You can find the readme files for EoCIV character models in the 9th PK3 file (models folder). I've spoken to Serenity a lot about the issues raised on this thread and he has assu
  4. Hi, I'm confused about adding models to the menus. I'd like to add two models of different characters, but all I've been able to do so far is call/set the player's in-game character and show that. I'd like two different characters. I tried calling them from asset_model with no success, even changing the animation from model_g2anim always seems to create a walking animation. Any help would be appreciated!
  5. We're holding a BETA from the 17th October if anyone is interested in trying. Spaces are limited and running out pretty quick so I'd recommend you register ASAP if interested. http://www.moddb.com/mods/evolution-of-combat-iv/news/eociv-beta-announcement It would be great to get some people from this topic on the BETA as you obviously have a good knowledge of different mods and saber systems. For everyone interested in the features of EoCIV, keep an eye on our ModDB page, we're posting regular previews of the new features over there. http://www.moddb.com/mods/evolution-of-combat-iv
  6. Evolution of Combat IV is a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Subscribe on YouTube Follow on Twitter Watch on ModDB Find out more on the website
  7. I'm not really that familiar with how often people post to JK Hub, if you want me to keep it down to just one post, that's fine Next time we do a preview I'll use it as a central thread for all EoCIV news.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass those points onto Serenity.
  9. No, all shots are from EoCIV. If you're referring to the menus, Serenity is using the KOTF menus (among others) as placeholders until our menus are properly finished.
  10. True, slowing his running speed or limiting his stamina might be a bit more realistic though.
  11. Really good spot... I'll bring it up with Serenity to fix.
  12. We're comparing EoCIV to EoCIII. Previously you would choose a class and all it would do is change your character and then you choose your force powers and weapons as extra, now force powers and weapons are assigned to the classes. So you're half right, there are less combinations, but there are more actual classes. The aim of EoC all along has been to make the game more movie realistic, and this is a massive new part to do that.
  13. Preview 3 is now out: http://jkhub.org/topic/6330-evolution-of-combat-iv-preview-3-class-system/
  14. Welcome to the third preview of Evolution of Combat IV! In this update we wanted to give you some details about the redesigned class system in-game in multiplayer and in single player. The new class system is perhaps one of the biggest changes in EoCIV. It adds not only more class options than ever before, but a true reason for picking your class to play with. As well as changing your skin, classes now assign the correct weapons, force powers and animations for that character. This means it's quicker than ever before to get started in a game, you just pick your class and go! We've worked hard
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