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  1. Its just annoying. How about I don't like it AND I don't stay away from it? I'm merely commenting on your lack of creativity or effort. You have 4 pages full of positive comments about how amazing of a job you did... surely you can take one post of reality. U mad bro? XD

    I'm just busting your chops I'm sure youre an incredible person. Top marks sir,

    Junk Titan

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    Ill take the size into consideration but the placement of it is pretty accurate i have a junk titan model from the game to use as reference, which granted i dont take as the bible i play around with it to my own likings, but still keep most things genuine. Also, ive beefed him up a bit already and also made adjustments to his certain junk size proportions to compliment the fact that hes actually flipped horizontally. I have also went through and baked in the matcaps from zbrush, added a new attack and fatality anim, and am currently playing around with a new death anim as well, it is just very difficult for me to get it looking decent. All of that besides the death anim is already done as soon as i finish up this anim, or end up bailing on the idea in general, ill release a version 2 which you should be quite pleased with. I was thinking of making tge little junk soldiers and felucians from the wampa skele. Ideas?

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