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  1. Pretty nice skin! Congrats Doughnuts The guns and all perfect! Just an issue for me, mp sound of the skin it's not working, just default sounds, not the ones on the pk3 for taunt, etc.
  2. Thank you guys for your feedback.. glad you like it. damn 2012.. o.O Time goes by so fast...!
  3. Hey Cziko Nice mate, drop by on the server, im in mainly at night, and i will show it on a tour Thanks Cziko Well still not that much time, but i miss rk ambiance and that thing we had you know Something was missing so... Ofc we will! Stay classy
  4. That was the plan b to be honest KInda removed the bots "voice" with a pk3 i made but its a good idea.
  5. Hello all. i'm trying to make a bot configuration for the server that would work in the following way: - 4 Bots (with clan info - forum, facebook, server ip, recruiting) on spec. - 4 Bots playing. The thing is. I'm using a cfg with the following data: kick allbots addbot tavion 5 s 0 amrename tavion ^0|^3Forum: rk-jka.enjin.com^0| amforceteam enjin.com s wait 200 addbot alora 5 s 0 amrename alora ^0|^^0| amforceteam enjin.com s wait 200 addbot desann 5 s 0 amrename desann ^0|^4www.facebook.com/rkclan^0| amforceteam enjin.com s wait 200 addbot desann 5 s 0 amrename desann ^0|^1We ^7are ^0Recruiting| amforceteam enjin.com s wait 200 This works perfect when i'm at the server and i rcon exec this cfg. Still when i check server, lets say in the morning, there are 8 playing bots with regular bot names and none of them are in spec. Any way to keep those specific 4 bots always in spec? (maybe locking spec team dunno) I got bot_minplayers at 8
  6. Name: Renegade Knights - [RK] Server: /connect rk.jk3.in:21453 or /connect (or manually Add Favorite- Forum: http://rkclan.shivtr.com/ Email: renegknights@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rkclan Hello JKHub Community! Gladly i can say RK is back on track to be an active, friendly and respectable place and clan for the JKA community. In the past we're focused on Jedi • Sith • Mandalorian factions with Full Force and Guns server. Nowadays we have a 32 slots server that tries to give players a good and friendly place to be. We have Saber FFA's and Dueling and FF (we will try to keep FF on Alternative Dimension as bots so can keep order on the server. We are still starting again so with time ranks and other management aspects will be deal with. For now we have a Management group with Leaders and Councillors and RK members. We will be hosting or participating on clan fights - tffa, guns fights in some jk2 and jk3 maps, saber tournaments, etc. It all depends on the time of each member but we will try to get more members, but essentially have fun and be part of a positive community who want to keep the game alive and well. We have Multiplayers regular maps modded (especially ffa3 with academy, taspir arena, rooftops, secret area (behind ffa3 gate at top), and another room for dueling or just zen being. Attending to the importance of them, i've made three clan maps that you can find here: RK Home: http://jkhub.org/files/file/2267-renegade-knights-home-map/ RK Clan Virtue: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/RK_Oriental_Virtue;120780 (soon on jkhub) RK Arena: http://jkhub.org/files/file/1244-rk-arena-clan-map/ We all hope your visit For any direct contact message me here or renegknights@gmail.com
  7. Thanks guys for the feedback! We will be using it a lot on our clan server! Its a really personal pride, so much work resulting on this. Im reviving RK clan, in some time i will post some new info. You are most welcome to join our server anytime you like!
  8. Tried also but nothing though. The default keys i've tried them all.
  9. Yea i can type it everywhere using Fn and ~ key. Still using this or shift fn and ~ key wont work. Tried to put a jampconfig.cfg on the steam installation folder / base nothing. i've been playing with the alternative installation copy i have with openjk app launcher.
  10. Hi guys thanks for the replies. Well my only use for UU nowadays would be chatstyle configuring (any command for this one) and server rcon commands and favorites. I have a steam version (normal) and a jka version downloaded with openjk. The steam one doesnt even let me open the console with all the keys i normally use. I use a Portuguese layout - Mac.
  11. 311 downloads

    ========================================== Game: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy | MAP MP ========================================== Title: RK Home (Day and Night Versions) Author: Renegade Beta Testers: Pegasus and James E-Mail: renegknights@gmail.com Website: http://rk-jka.enjin.com/ File Name : rk_home.pk3 and rk_home_night Map names: rk_home.pk3 and rk_home_night File Size : 38 MB aprox Date Released : 22.2.2015 - Created around Late 2012 Game Type : FFA New Textures : Yes New Models : No Music : Yes Bot Route : No (Maybe in a update release) Making Time: About 6 months Installation : Put the pk3 file in the folder ---> gamedata/base/ Uninstall: Just remove it from the same directory. Description/File Info : RK Home map is the ultimate map for RK Clan. Its a huge map with a lot to see, lot of details, and lot of work. It was made on late 2012, but only could fit some time to end it to a final version, with levelshots etc. Includes the following areas: - Main Area: Hangar, Arena with transparent Glass, elevators for going to a bridge to the bottom part for some dueling and also on the other side Merc Area with a sanctuary personalized building, a house with guns and health, turrents above, and some stone boxes with hidden doors. Also at ground level you can find a door that leads to RK Trial Area. - Going to the other areas (by the door glass arena) you can check some corridors, a welcoming one with r2d2 and protocol, and on the other front side you got Council Area (a really proud for myself). Entering the building you got the SW movie posters and a waiting area for members who will attend some meeting or want to speak to some of the council. 1st Level Council Offices, 2nd Level - Leader Offices with some hidden buttons. - At the bottom level of the building you can find a door that leads to RK Council Room. - The Other Area leads to a huge bar, with some cantina song, and other area with pool table, pool clubs (check the details on this one) and some sofas, this area can also be locked, for example if we have some clan member who we need to speak too in an informal way. - From the windows you can see the sea view with houses (Jedi, Sith, Mandalorian and some members from 2011-2012, on the other 'street' you can find C and L houses) and some benches. At the end of this part huge arena, bar and beach. It was made for all the purpose possible, having some huge huge area to fit all the clan purposes and essentially have some good areas to play on, saber, ff or guns, and also roleplaying (clan managing, etc) ===================================== Legal Issues: NO MODIFICATION ALLOWED. YOU CAN USE IT AS IT IS. FOR OTHER INFO CONTACT: RENEGKNIGHTS@GMAIL.COM
  12. Hello Jkhub community! Any change to get BFUU working on mac? (http://ultra-utility.com/site/index.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=14=) Apparently wine doesnt even open the setup installation file. I use OpenJk to open the game. I have a legit steam version of the game but i cant open console on this one. Thanks.
  13. Well being a revive, yes at this moment it will be smaller on activity, still contacting old members and all of that. Some clans mate are expert on ddos matters, i will talk to them about this point. I remember there was a protection for servers, Jaas. Still lot of work going on. But the provider seems fine by me. Used gamingdeluxe on the past. Now i'm trying this one, especially for the 32 slots for cheap price. So far, the support was quick and effective. Don't know how they will be handling on bigger problems.
  14. New info: people can enter in the server. Still i dont. Also how can i configure the server on ja+ style? Thx
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