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  1. A good example of someone taking matters into their own hands. Well done!
  2. Fixed by now, but thanks, I'll take that into account next time.
  3. Yes, but is there anyway to, besides checking every single curve, like, check what is doing it? Otherwise this is going to be a loooong day.
  4. Encountered a small problem making a small duel map; Hit the verts limit. Problem is, I don't know what hit it. I made sure to keep it quite low on any circular brushes (Always 12 or below), so I'm not really sure. Is there any way to check what is specifically causing the error?
  5. That's awesome! Feel free to write as many as you remember if you wish, it's always interesting to read these!
  6. Sad, really. Still love Hoth, Korriban and Desert
  7. What is your best memory of JA? As a mapper, 'A well-oiled toaster oven'
  8. How about giving the levelshot a nice frame? It looks kind of out of place/bland when just placed on top of the background like that, kind of like the frame around the loading bar.
  9. Indeed. I never liked those '..........................................................[server name]' so they'd appear at the top of the list anyway so that's fine I suppose'.
  10. Force Magnetise Dark Side Lv.1 - Magnetises an enemy, redirecting a few fired shots into him for 25% of their original damage, at the cost of 25 FP. Lv.2 - All shots are redirected for 50% damage, costs 25FP still. Lv.3 - All shots are redirected plus a couple objects get magnetised and get thrown against him too, 85% damage of the shots, 15 damage on impact from each object, costs 30FP.
  11. See you in the field, Jedi!
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