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I finally figured what was wrong with Rogue One (spoiler: it might not be what you're thinking)

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Rogue One, as I previously wrote, was not a bad movie. Not a good one, but not a bad one either. And despite me liking it better than the OP, and definitely than TFA, I still kept thinking about what was wrong with it. Now, aside from many previously mentioned (by critics and fans alike) issues, I think I finally figured it out, provided, I had to see some photos of Cassian Andor for it. Basically, here' the said photos:



In these photos, he looks more like a spy rather than saboteur or field soldier. This is basically what stroke me with the thought that Rogue One should have been a spy movie, rather than an action-adventure. A pretty simple conclusion based on a pretty simple thought. But yeah.

Who's with me?

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I mean...it was pretty close to a spy movie. They even went undercover. It was like a spy movie combined with a war movie.

Not close enough. I was talking about it being a full spy movie, not a mix of spy and war movies. You know, by making it into a detective\ thriller kind of spy movie, not an action spy one.

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I consider Rogue One to be a war drama, which includes both spies and field agents, among many others, for instance like an informant. Everyone has to play their role, be it a rookie, a general, a hero, or a dictator pulling the strings of the war machine. Rogue One fortunately had all of these things, combined in quite a clever manner. Also the film respected greatly both the OT and the prequels, taking into accunt their traditions, styles and events.

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