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  1. So, is this mod dead for the 2nd time ? Just don't get me wrong though, I won't blame you for it since life can get all your free time away from you sometimes.
  2. Really that excuse is really bad. By that logic you can call Devil May Cry a bad game since the swords are just baseball bats that you hit the enemies until they die.(And you have to like hit them 10-20 times until they decide to die) Also In JK games lightsabers were actually behaved like glowing bats when you fight dark jedis.(Unless you increased the dismemberment of lightsabers which then will turn it into a "Whoever lightsaber throws first wins")
  3. As whole, I believe that Disney and Lucasfilm aren't fans of Prequel era cities in Star Wars for some reason ever since George Lucas left. Guess they just listened to those "Prequels are bad!" complains and decided to make their Star Wars products more and more fan servicey.
  4. There is a datapad in the same floor that has the map of the library. It can help you.
  5. Also I hated this that in the end of the game:
  6. Yeah it's shitty to expect getting a great Star Wars game. You may as well say that Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3 made a good choice of adding awful on foot sections even though that completely dragged the game down and killed the franchise. The exploration sections of JFO added nothing to the game really. Other than adding more backtracking and making the game harder to be replayed.(JFO should not have been a Metroid Prime clone in exploration sections) When developers make games they shouldn't just throw every idea at the game.
  7. Unfortunately, the lightsaber combat of this game can be compared to other Jedi Action games. JFO really had too much issues in that aspect compare to previous jedi type games. In JO and JA when you begin fighting a Jedi type enemy, the gunners will stop shooting at you because that would make the game too unbalanced. But on the other hand in JFO enemies just shoot at you any moment to kill you. When Cal dies by few hits the game should be completely balanced. And those exploration sections are just in the way of combat imo. There is too much exploration compare to combat. Not saying that it shouldn't have any, but in jedi action type games exploration shouldn't have that much focus.If I wanted to climb the walls and raid tombs I would have played a Tomb Raider game instead of a Jedi Action game. That is the main reason on why Jedi Knight games and TFU games never had that much exploration sections because the developers knew what type of game they should actually make.
  8. I played on hardest since that is the only way to see the combat in it's full potential. It's not my fault that combat isn't that good.(On the other hand TFU and JK games on hardest difficulty are far more enjoyable and fair.) I meant the sections where you have to : -Do platforming sections -Run On Walls -Swim underwater -solve some puzzles -Raid some tombs -Climb on the ropes and swing from them to jump on another platform
  9. Lucky you. I played on hardest difficulty and it was one of the most frustrating experiences I ever had with a star wars game.(I have made the list of all of it's issues) Btw, what did you think of Tomb Raider and Prince Of Persia sections of the game ? You didn't talk about them in your post.
  10. I have a question, is finding secrets useful other than getting some HP and weapons ? Is finding secrets award you with force points ?(I hated this idea in JK 1)
  11. I played it. Imo the game is good and in story is better than JO and JA but it has it's own issues: 1.It has exploration parts that no one wants in jedi type games. This is a main reason on why underwater swimming and rope climbing were rarely in Star Wars movies and JK and TFU games. 2.It's combat has some nice ideas but it has lots of issues and balance issues.(Played on hardest difficulty) 3.you can't skip cutscenes and there is no fast travel option so RIP to replay value. 4.Stuttering issues. imo TFU and JK have far less issues in their gameplay compare to JFO.
  12. Finished it today. I like this that this mod uses some underdeveloped ideas of JK 2.(Stealth and controlling imperial droid) Is there any chance to make the swoop bike level brighter than the way it is ? I personally felt that it was too dark.
  13. It kinda looks like this movie had lots of problems during production. Not sure if it's true but it sounds believable. https://www.reddit.com/r/starwarsspeculation/comments/ecromq/what_i_know_about_tros_production/?utm_content=body&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=d5f90ba6c7ca48409f288889c412698c&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=ecromq
  14. This movie has lots of issues. It's one of the worst Star Wars movies of all time.
  15. So, will Jaden Korr appear in this mod ?
  16. Well, I have a good news for you. JFO will be released on steam.(But it still needs Origin) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1172380/STAR_WARS_Jedi_Fallen_Order/
  17. You mean those lame ones that have lightsaber choppers ? Those are imposters.
  18. JA combat works well when you are fighting lightsaber wielding enemies. But JFO is set between episodes 3 and 4.(Dark Times) The time where the heroes should fight stormtroopers 99 percent of the time since Jedis and dark jedis are rare in that era. -Imo JA combat isn't a good when you are fighting stormtroopers because majority of the time stormtroopers just stand in 1 place and shoot. Why they just stand and shoot ? That's because if they had more movements getting them would have been too annoying.(Then you would have stormtroopers keep firing at you while running backwards which would look stupid.) -Also button mashing lightsaber combat(Which was in Episode 1 & 3 games and TFU 1&2) works better when fighting stormtroopers in Jedi Action games: 1.You don't have to aim your blows to actually hit enemies. When you are in range, the playable character can blow the attack without any problem.(In JA sometimes attacking a standing stormtrooper is a little annoying since you just want to cut them like butter and your attacks may not hit them.) 2.Button mashing lightsaber combat also has faster attacks which is an advantage.(In JA there were some times when the stormtroopers instantly killed me for firing at the same time that I pressed the attack button.)
  19. A new gameplay video is out.(Just search since I don't wanna look it) BTW those people that are just calling this game's lightsaber combat awful remind me of those OT fans that love to hate every SW thing that came after 1983.(But at least they are better than those other guys that wanted to play as a Hutt instead of a white male human.)
  20. Don't want to bother you guys.(Since making mods takes a lot of time) But is there any chance that The Dark Pastime releases at the same month as Jedi Fallen Order ?
  21. I personally would just watch episode 9 for just having a little fun in action scenes and stupid moments. I don't even have any expectations of getting good action scenes in this movie.(Since none of the Disney SW movies so far had any great fight scene.)
  22. Am I the only one that thinks that that Dark Rey we saw in the trailer is going to be Rey's evil clone whom Rey is going to fight ? Kinda similar to Starkiller's evil clone in The Force Unleashed 2.(which we unfortunately never got the light clone vs evil clone)
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