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Atlantis and other projects + Playable Alpha

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Don't even get me started on Canto Bight lol. I said "WOW!" In theaters when they showed the exterior of the city, the beautiful buildings, the waterfalls, I was blown away, but then when they cut to that Casino inside I was taken back in complete revulsion. It was one of the things that I honestly hated about the Last Jedi. 


Just one? I could write a book on everything wrong with this movie.  :D

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Just one? I could write a book on everything wrong with this movie.  :D


Oh no, This movie had a whole litany of offenses.


Saw it last night and boy, was I dissapointed....


Same, I have seen fan fictions written by eleven year olds which were better than this. 

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Some updates. Slowly coming back to it, Learned some more about lighting and in the process of updating it. Im redoing the models for the light columns so they are removed for now. 










Lighting test for the Coruscant/Nar Shaddaa City I want to eventually get to once I make some realistic looking Neon/aurabesh signs. Using a placeholder texture (My apologies, I forget the name of the guy who made it, its from an old Jedi Outcast duel map) for now. 





Oh, I also have a Prefab in the works :) This was made with brushes, It will have a cockpit eventually too, complete with its own shaders. 



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Okay so this isn't Atlantis, I always wanted to make custom ships for Star Wars Galaxies JTL (and with all of the emulators now, especially SWG Legends and Bloodfin it's completely possible now) And since there is already an existing Lambda Shuttle model in the game, I thought I would make a POB interior for it which it lacks and hopefully somewhat smarter than me can get it into the game. I built it in radiant and ported it over to MAYA. :) I'm nearly finished, I just need to texture the cockpit. If this goes successfully I will make more ships. 


And I guess it can also be in a JKA map since I built and textured it in radiant originally.







I'm sorry to be 'that guy', but I was wondering if you'd made any progress on bringing this into the game? Since it's pretty small, it seemed like a good tide-me-over to your larger releases? I apologize for seeking an unsolicited update.

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