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Force Icons  

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  1. 1. Which force icons do you think suit the preview menu more?

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Can I be honest?

I don't actually like the angle of the character icons. They just don't feel right.

Sorry if I'm pooping on anyone's taste here, but they just.. I don't know. Something is off.


It's an uncomfortable picture because people in the west read both words and images from left to right. In theory, when you see an image you focus on the middle of it and then your eyes start scanning from left to right, when the focus of said image is on the right, it feels as if there's something empty or wrong. 

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I think that the right side of the picture is ''more important'' than left side. That is why the character is on the right side. I do not see anything uncomfortable in there however your opinion is noted. Although I do not plan to change it. I think it would look way worse if the character was reversed. You can never satisfy everyone. 

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We could have the character icons centered in the middle.

How would it be done? People have to know who they're playing as,as well as their faction.


Not to mention it's an extremely tall order, fire phoenix would have top make over 1,000 icons of he wanted to do a complete overhaul.

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Well personally, I think the way to do it would be to have the characters facing to the right in a head and shoulders portrait.

But you are correct, that would be a lot of remaking icons and I hadn't considered it.

Also sorry to derail for a second, but aren't Death Watch technically Separatist?

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My opinion on the character icons: They are good as they are. You can tell who is who, and that's what counts. Also, while many would have reused the red (or orange?) icon background from the base game, you went into a different direction and made them different from ground up. This makes it easier to tell apart from other mods.



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