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We've closed off the development sections to developers only. :)


Seems to me you closed off more than the development sections lol




Since i still have the files from the last dropbox link, the program doesn't respond when the loading level progress bar reaches a certain point (it's always the same point) and i cant play. Also, loading times on the df2 art (before the main menu) take about 12 minutes and it may crash to desktop. I was wondering if you could explain why this happens or if this is a generic problem and you have: no idea whatsoever/ need some of my pc info/ or you don't wanna help ?

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The mod definitely hasn't stopped, it's making tons of progress, mainly on the engine/code side atm. We're currently looking for someone who's skilled in web design that may want to help promote the mod. We'll be trying to fill this section soon with pretty pictures and such.


I'd say its progressing better than ever. I remember it being pretty stale a few years ago, and at one point the project even got removed from the Mod Project Forums section

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