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So, I am mapping my version of an Imperial Dreadnaught as part of Jedi Academy Of Weird New Things. I am not at home right now, but I will post pictures when I have some time.


In the meantime, I actually have a question for the JK community. I'd like to know what you all would expect to see on a Dreadnaught.


Let me give a little background first; I am planning seven or eight decks, with turbolifts and emergency stairwells connecting them. I would like a tram or two to run the length of the ship on each deck for quick travel.


I have prefabbed some decent looking hallways that I can cut and paste into place to connect everything, and I plan on making a blueprint on graph paper at work for each deck, then translating it into Radiant at home.


I already have one hangar (Possibly two), an engine room, a bridge, a brig, a large central storage area, two cafes, and a bar planned and/or done. I want a security office on each deck, and maybe a master office as part of the bridge.


There will be at least one very large barracks area that will span multiple decks.


What I need from the community is to know what else they expect in a large ship like this. I plan to map out as much of the ship as I possibly can, and other than snazzy looking hallways, I need to fill the space.


Single deck room ideas:

Conference room (Ready room)

Briefing room for officers

Officer quarters


Communications room

Chemical storage

Battle bridge


Gravity generator

Shield generator

mannable weapons bays, gun/cannon turrets



Multi deck room ideas (Rooms that have entry points on multiple decks):

Briefing room for troops

Garbage crusher

Stormtrooper practice range

Droid maintenance

Weapons control

Atrium (Maybe two?)

Science lab

Power plant


Please let me know if any of these rooms sound good or bad, or if you have better ideas. Thanks!

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As promised, here are some screenshots from within Radiant. Please keep in mind this is VERY WIP and a lot is subject to change. All comments are welcome.


Outside of the ship:














The hangar area (There is only one hangar for now, and I will probably add an identical one on the bottom of the ship later):









VERY early shot of the bridge area:







Finally, pictures of the aforementioned hallway prefabs. The red light strip in the middle of the walls is going to be a light bar that turns on for red alert only, but it has to be visible for editing:














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mannable weapons bays, gun/cannon turrets, etc.


Noted and added to the OP.


Most dreadnaught art has "blisters" on the outer hull that contain the turbolasers - so if I do anything with mannable guns, that's probably where they'll be. It's tricky because it'll involve slicing through the outer hull, which is mostly curve patches. But I'm sure I can make it work.



Edit: Another thing I'd like to know - does anyone have any cool door ideas? I don't want them to be traditional doors that go up into the ceiling, but I also don't want to make them simply move sideways.

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After looking up some sci-fi door designs, it seems that the door doesn't need to look very high tech - it's the frame that makes all the difference. So for now i made some decent looking door frames. Thank you, Railback, for the design, although i likely will not use it at this time.


Added a hydronics lab and shooting range to the list of rooms to add.

After some more thought..... I might be able to stretch this to 15 decks or so. It would be a lot of work, so I'm not sure I want to go through with it, but if I do, just about any room idea will have space.

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How about Deathstar esque blast doors?


Edit: any room? Hide a whirlpool room somewhere


Blast doors are already being worked on. Due to some limitations of the prefabs, however, I didn't go with death star style blast doors.


A whirlpool room? Please elaborate.

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Blast doors are already being worked on. Due to some limitations of the prefabs, however, I didn't go with death star style blast doors.


A whirlpool room? Please elaborate.

I was joking. But I'll explain it anyway, Lego Star Wars 2 had a secret room wwith a big Whirlpool hidden in one of the Death Star Missions.

This Room was populated by Beach Troopers.

I thought it'd be funny if you hid something similiar somewhere on this map. I know you like placing secrets around your maps ;)

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  • 3 years later...

Yeah, I've been working too many hours for the last decade. I do intend to finish this eventually, as I have actually been working on it for 15+ years on and off, but Radiant is actually the problem with this one. Since I prefabbed the hallways, I would really like a working cut-and-paste prefab system within Radiant that works like a photoshop smart object. It's a huge pipe dream, but the payoff would be amazing. I haven't even started on it, though. Right now I'm trying to migrate Radiant to GTK3 and it does not like me for it. Lots of hackery to fix.

Basically, though, as soon as Radiant is fixed up and the tutorials are made, finishing this up is my next goal (Well, my next JA goal anyway, I do many other things outside this community). But it'll be a long time coming.

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