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Could you possibly point me to any Zbrush training material you may have found useful? I always found hard surface modeling challenging in it but 4R7 seems to have much more tools for that. Like something maybe centered around character creation.


I wanna change my workflow to Zbrush->Topogun->SI


Haven't used topogun yet but saw some videos on it and the price seems reasonable. As we both know viewport performance can sometimes be an issue when trying to retopo in something like SI/Max/Maya.

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I don't use Zbrush for hard surface modeling but i might have older zbrush tutorials introducing some of the tools, i'll have to take a look. For character modeling in zbrush i suggest you take a look at "Introduction to Character Creation for Games by Raphael Boyon" i think he covers pretty much the whole process in zbrush, some stuff in Maya but whatever, still applicable to other apps.


For better retopo performance i decimate or use a lower level division, once the topo is completed and setup for bakes i simply swap the decimated mesh with the higher res version, at that point the high poly can be displayed as a simple box so no viewport lag obviously. Max has wrapit or graphite tools to take care of retopo and that's what i use. I've used topogun in the past, it was good but it created some odd glitches sometimes, i'm pretty sure they sorted those issues by now. The Zbrush retopo tools aren't that bad and it does feature zremesher so worth a look.

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Thanks guys.

2 hours ago, minilogoguy18 said:

How many points is it? How many sub tools is it built of? I've pretty much been doing nothing but focusing on ZBrush lately trying to catch up and have a more modern 3D workflow.

Also curious about system performance with something of that detail, mainly RAM usage.

12.249 Million points and 39 subtools. RAM "active mem" ~1600. My computer is a piece of garbage but i've thrown worse at it. If i need to go deep into surface detailing i could work on separate ztools and reduce document size + using dynamic solo mode.

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How heavy are your models? Are you adding tons of surface details? Are you working with dynamesh at all? It's pretty useful to remesh stuff without bloating the density. Still behaves naturally when sculpting instead of fighting against edge looped base geometry.

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