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Help with Blender scaling

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Something happened to Blender and now models are imported / exported over sized. Have to constantly select the mode root, select scale and reset it to 1. None of these happened before, I might have touched a setting without noticing it. I have set the settings while working a model and saved at default but it comes back over sized. Any ideas?

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Thanks. Since this is just specific to an application and not actual modding (although is used for that), and the Forum identifies this section as "General Tech Support", I thought the modding section wouldn't be the correct one.

If this is not the correct section, please let me know.

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Make sure the scale option in the Import menu is set to 10.00 %.


Thanks Ramikad. Yes, the scale in the import menu is set to 10.00%. Everything seems normal, that's why I haven't been able to figured it out (that and the fact that I am a total noob).


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