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Menu Limits

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I know I can do things with cvars but it's impossible in that case. I need multiple menus for a mod which I think will be released soon. And I need so many menus to make it great.

Why don't you show us your mod in the WIP section of this forum? Everyone will get an idea of what the menus are supposed to look like, what they are for and so on. Maybe you will get more help with creating your menus by showing us what you already made.

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I would make it memory limited only but I don't know where we can best put the freeing of memory and I tried using C++ stuff in SP which failed miserably :D  So if @@Xycaleth or @@mrwonko want's to tackle replacing both MP and SP to use a resizing dynamic array like the species code, feel free.

I might be able to do that, no promises though, where's the code start that I should look at?

JKG Developer

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Define too much content lol.  The parser for menu files does not have a restriction on filesize at all...  So unless you've somehow run out of usable memory by the process then I don't see how there's an issue with total number of menus.


The engine still hiccups at 64 parsed files it looks like for the botlib parser. (In MP)

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