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Petition to lock threads instead of deleting posts

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As for claims of over-moderation: is this about the posts I deleted that involved Cloud telling you to 'grow the fuck up' and you calling Cloud's font style 'retarded'?


If Cloud wants to request that I grow up, he is well within his rights to, and I do not have any desire for these comments to be removed to prevent them from offending me. Equally, I'm sure Cloud himself is capable of surviving me mock his choice of font colour of all things.


Would you have preferred me locking the thread there and then instead of deleting those posts and allowing the thread to continue?

If deletion of comments is your solution, then yes, I would prefer you lock the thread if you really deem it too terrible a conversation to continue, rather than attempting to wipe all record of the comments from existence resulting in the topic effectively ending anyway, only in a far messier manner.


What alternative to moderating comments like that do you suggest?

We aren't made of glass, we wont shatter into tiny pieces if we read something said against us. The alternative I suggest is to leave our posts the hell alone until they genuinely ARE inappropriate. Especially when they aren't even in the main parts of the forum.


Speaking of which this topic is far too serious for the spam forum, so here is a picture of a dog riding a horse:


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Hm, I do realize how my post seemed to come across a bit too...harsh.

But I will say, I took no offense or anything to the purple comment...I've been waiting for someone to say something actually. :P

As far as the deletion and lock...perhaps if it gets to the point that every other post is being deleted/edited, it would be better to lock.

There's a time and place for both options, I suppose.

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So, what you're saying is you feel we shouldn't moderate away insults and mud-throwing, but rather, only moderate away serious insults.

Not at all. I am saying you shouldn't moderate away posts on the grounds that they are insulting at all. You can insult someone without meaning them harm, equally you can mean someone harm without insulting them. Lets say for example that rather than insult me, someone had started requesting that I be banned from the forum because they didn't like me, that would be bullying, and could upset me, and could be done with or without insults. Telling me to grow up insults me, but there is no real intent behind it other than requesting that I be more mature, which is hardly unreasonable.

And that you'd prefer stopping any chance of further discussion over continuing the discussion without insults.

Nay, I am suggesting that by blanking out comments, you leave a big obvious hole in the topic that is either enough to make the topic stop making any sense and end anyway, or enough to make everyone start talking about that instead of the original topic. Locking it is exactly the same, but without the mess and the appearance of a cover-up attempt.


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There's no need to delete entire posts for insults. Just edit the insults out and display a friendly reminder at the bottom of their posts not to insult other people. For instance:


Original Post:

You're a fucking faggot and I hope you die. Your mod totally sucks.

Edited to:

Please do not insult other people -Caelum

This would solve so much thread continuity issues with just flat out deleting posts on sight that contain any insults at all. If the conversation doesn't seem to be going anywhere, then LOCK the thread, don't just delete so many posts until people give up on posting. That doesn't solve anything. Locking the thread tells people 'hey, don't do that!'. Deleting just makes people confused.

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I will shoot you with a 50 cal. Sniper Rifle, just saying!

As for the posts and the like...some insults are just better to delete them, but perhaps not the entire post.

As you did seem to edit my entire post, instead of just removing the part that was an "insult", and some of the post was necessary for the topic itself.


But still, as I stated before...time and place for everything.

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Editing out the insults is was what I did in the thread that triggered this though, and this thread is what happened. But if you'd like to see that more over deleting posts altogether, I think that makes sense, and we can do that.


You didn't edit them out, you just deleted the whole posts for the most part, and there was little indication that they were edited.

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In a smaller, more private forum, I'd be inclined to agree, but I think not moderating insults/name calling at all in a forum of JKH's size would just lead to unnecessary hostility, and even scare away newcomers (and possibly non-newcomers).

Valid point, however I feel that you could be more lax at least in the case of the spam forum >.>


If it's just one or two posts of people slinging insults at eachother in a thread about something different entirely (as was happening in that spam thread initially), it'd make sense to just get rid of those posts and let the topic continue on its course

Thing is, in that case, it DID completely derail the topic =P.



Also, I'd just like to say, I know this whole issue feels very "We've found a Caelum, may we burn her?", for that I apologise, and I know that I stand pretty much as far on the total-anarchy edge of the rules/moderation scale goes in JKA, I just feel that, at least from my perspective, moderation is doing more harm than help around here so far. Thanks for tolerating our witch hunt, sir. =P

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Maybe try and post in such a way that no one needs to moderate you? Just a thought.


Honestly if you're violating the rules you have no excuse to complain about being moderated. The ol' "well I haven't read them" excuse hasn't ever flown anywhere. Ain't gonna fly here either. And honestly if you think anyone here is over-moderating you are clearly new to the internet lol.

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Besides that, it's also worth noting that the thread wasn't about very much to begin with. It went from lego and asking what day it is to signature sizes and bagels.

Are you suggesting that spam topics aren't of the utmost importance and sense?

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If it's something (mind you, I am not saying insult because, as most things, words can be taken subjectively by everyone) that would be considered a personal attack, then yes, edit that part out. But if it's something said about someone's work, I don't see the need.


For instance:


MUG: I think JKHub is bad and might have been done by people with Downs, namely Caelum.


In that sentence, I think I would either delete or edit out the actual "attack" or "insult"and leave the first part untouched, but different people think different ways. These disscusions are good, but they'll never end untill both sides of the table give in in some things, you know? Like politics... or sex.


Just my little 2 cents. HAIL BEER!

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I think you need to mention in the post as well that's being edited to notify everyone that the post is being edited. I think this ought to be advocated instead of whole post deletions as some topics (I can name quite a few) get really confusing, and in the case of one thread, the entire thread was more or less derailed (and if not that, then at least skewed in its meaning)

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