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Background Contest #2


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After the recent success of the JKHub Holiday Competition, and much staff discussion, we have started a new competition. This time, it will be something a little bit different. Instead of focusing on something designed with the game in mind, we will be focusing on screenshots. Originally, JKHub used a picture of the level t1_fatal. We hosted a screenshot competition in 2014, two years after JKHub was opened to the public, and the current background is the winner of this competition.

Fast forward to today. JKHub is turning four years old this year, and we haven't had a background change in several years. We need something new to keep the site fresh. So, we are announcing our second official Background Contest. The winning entry of this contest will become the new background for JKHub. Here are the official rules of this competition:

  • The art must be submitted by March 1st, 2016. Winners will be determined over a week-long voting period.
  • Winners will be determined via a voting system similar to the Holiday Competition.
  • Artwork must be a minimum of 1900x1200 pixels in size. The larger, the better! Ideally, your work should look good on all resolutions.
  • Screenshots must depict content which is only available in the base game, or official Raven Map Packs. Hand-made artwork / concept art is also acceptable.
  • Screenshots may be of content in JK2 or JKA only. Submitted artwork must be related to JK in some way.
  • You may submit up to 3 pieces of content for this competition.

You may submit your artwork to this thread.

But you may be wondering, why would we hold a competition to change a part of the website, when the prospect of a JKHub 2.0 is looming? In truth, it will take a while to develop JKHub 2.0, even after the software we need becomes available. In the meantime, some small improvements to the website and minor changes, such as the background, will be enough to keep the site fresh while we all wait for JKHub 2.0. More details and information about JKHub 2.0 will be given as we learn more. We are constantly tweaking the website, and continue to evaluate new options to engage the community, in order to bring everyone together.

In the meantime, best of luck to those who are competing! We hope to see a lot of good stuff out of you guys. :)

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I'm just curious, is it a typo?


since it says, JKHub held a competition in 2014, 2 years later it was opened to the public... so in 2016? Which we just entered?


Or am I totally misunderstanding something here.

It says "two years after JKHub was opened to the public" not later. :P not a typo, might just be a translation issue, if English isn't your first language. :lol: He means JKHub was opened, then 2 years after that we had our first background contest.

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