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Good, Bad, and Ugly


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:ph34r: *creeps open door* :ph34r:

Hello! For those that haven't noticed, I'm back! That's right, after retiring from the staff back in August, my intention was to take a break and focus on other things in my life. I'm in my senior year of university, so that really needed to take precedence. This semester I have a lot more time sitting behind a computer screen, so I figured I could come back to JKHub and help out once again.

Now, some of you may be thinking, "what happened to the staff applications?" Basically, when i came back, I had a discussion with eezstreet, and we're going to be changing a few things that I had initially tried out before I left, such as the editor position. We have decided to do away with future editor position. Right now, @@Ping is our only editor, and we are looking forward to what he has in mind for future articles.

We decided to bring on just one staff member, and that is @@DT85! Everyone congratulate DT; he is a key member of this community, not only on JKHub, but throughout the JKA community as well. We think he will make a great staff member.

So that's the good in this series of the "Good, Bad, and Ugly!"

The bad is that you're stuck with me for awhile again! :teehee:

And now to the ugly.

If you visited the site yesterday, you probably noticed some weird issues going on. Either there was some weird code at the top and the layout was messed up, or the site was just plain unavailable. I won't get into too much detail, but it was all mostly my fault. :P Over these past couple years, there have been lots of modifications implemented to JKHub, rendering it extremely fragile to a careless admin. I was that careless admin, aiming to fix a minor issue, which led to a much, much larger issue.

So we tried a bunch of things throughout the day to fix it, hoping to avoid the inevitable backing up from an older version of the site, losing hours of content. Long story short, we had to revert to an old backup. :P So about 30 hours or so was lost due to all this. I understand that is a really big inconvenience, especially if you had long PM conversations during those hours (like me and those involved in mine). No files were lost, so no worries there. Just some posts, PMs, and one status update and it's comments.

I want to give a huge shoutout to Caelum for being an awesome host and friend, helping sort all this out and having a backup in the first place. He's going to have to get used to me breaking things around here again. :lol:

Anyway, sorry about the mess, and be on the lookout for a news post soon regarding a new contest and possibly a new feature for the site!

P.S. For those wondering about JKHub 2.0, it's still in early stages. Nothing was done with it while I was away, so be patient and we'll let you know details when they come about. Most of it is due to waiting on a product to be finished. More later.

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