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mod overriding not working?


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hey all,


i tried the newest OpenJK build for windows, and I have several .paks in my base folder that alphabetically override parts of other .paks (e.g. zzzz_redbowcaster overriding the bowcaster's green shots in zzz_customeffects), however they don't seem to override in OpenJK. So for the previous example, instead of getting red bowcaster shots I get green one's instead, while the rest of the effects are still the same from zzz_customeffects. why is this happening? i thought maybe the load order in OpenJK was reversed, but renaming the .pak files doesn't do anything. Neither does moving the .paks to the Documents base folder that OpenJK creates.

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I have noticed a similar issue in JKG since we updated the codebase a while ago to more recent OpenJK. It will load assets0-assets5 and also JKG_ASSETS0-JKG_ASSETS5 but it won't let me overwrite anything from JKG_Assets, without me replacing the files in those PK3s.

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well i guess i can provide the files i gave as an example ...





it's a crappy mashup of plagarized stuff, but i'm not publishing it anyway.

i was screwing around in SP btw, not sure how MP is. i thought i'd also try a couple older versions from 2015 and 2014, and they still have the same problem.

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@@anxietymuppet can you try an older build to see if it works, or to find when it started breaking?


hi @@Xycaleth, i mentioned above that i tried 2 builds from 2015 and 2014 (around Dec.), and they still had the same issue.


however, here's where it gets interesting; so i thought before replying to your post i'd quickly try renaming my .pk3s again to load in reverse order in the 2014 build, but this time it worked. huh. so i reinstalled the latest OpenJK from 2016 and tried it again and it still worked. apparently if i rename a .pk3 that overwrites files with any letter not starting with z, the game won't allow it to overwrite files?


so for example, i previously renamed zzzz_red_bowcaster to b_red_bowcaster in order to override zzz_customeffects, which didn't work. this time i renamed it to z_red_bowcaster, which did work. i know the game is still loading .pk3s not starting with z, because i recently downloaded CamSP.pk3 and tried it in OpenJK, and it loaded fine. so um, problem solved? lol

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