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PM me if interested.

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Not putting open links up, this topic is not to debate or argue either because there will be no real end to it.


It is purely this:

-Pictures of models

-PM me if you are interested in any of these

-Each model will support working hands

-Works for JO/JA (don't complain if kata doesn't work for dual sabers)

-Specific sound files to the character model itself

-Team Skin support


I'm not setting up working mouth/eyes as well as caps for simple reason, I played JO and it didn't need or use those in MP and these models are setup for MP.  It's delivered specificly for FFA mode which is only what I play, it's that simple.  It will not have bot support or specific lightsabers for them either.  Don't reply to this thread or post some long winded crap, because I'm not responding to it nore am I'm doing personal requests.  I'm simply showing pictures of what I've setup and if people want a specific download link simply PM me what link you want specificly.  This thread is purely for showing pictures of what I got setup currently.  They will be in the spoiler setup so you specificly will have to click the spoiler to see what the pictures are.  You can't hold me accountable if you choose to indulge in your curiosity to see what character models these are.  You don't have to like or agree with what I do, if you wish to properly engage me in a civil back and forth I would be more than happy to do it, but keep it in PM because this is something for the playing community who are in game, not for your pointless forum rants.


This initial post is specific yet vague enough to not harm or wound anyones personal ego or what have you.  If you choose to look at the picture of what I have setup, you are the one choosing to get upset over what I have done and also choosing to agree/disagree with me.  I will keep all that is posted in spoiler, no this isn't anything horrible or terrible.  It is just content that some people get very debatable with and this is just content given to the community without any hoop jumping or begging.  I'm not interested in beggars or debaters, it is purely content people can choose to look at, then personally decide if they want a download link for or not.  Don't blame me if you click the spoiler.  Again, it is nothing that will end the world or destroy the community or graphic content or something that mind corrupt the children.  What you see, is what you get.  It's that simple.


Again if you get control freaky, possesive, begging/requesting, threatening, or any sort of that manipulative hostility.  You will get jack via meAct like a level headed and like a mature/proper human being and you will get a simple little download link for this.


For me, this is not about getting a big fancy title or being a hero or anything.  To me it is practice and improving something and people get to test it out.  So more people happy than unhappy I feel.









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Wall of text, that made no sense. Just upload these here like the rest of us. Unless these are ported or stolen work.

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